Amber Housley

Amber Housley Creative Business Coach


As a west coast gal (born and raised) who moved to the South ten years ago, it’s hard to believe how fast the warm hearts, friendly smiles and southern charm quickly won me over. It feels like the South has been “home” all my life. It is here that I married my charming husband in a Southern plantation wedding that kicked off a new love of event planning and design. It is here that I juggle being super-mom to our two little ones who have a childhood complete with wide open spaces and plenty of opportunities to catch frogs and lightning bugs.

It is here that my love for decorating the porch is encouraged and a ice cold glass of sweet tea can make any day better. It is here that there are so many opportunities to find treasures at flea markets and local artisans to put the finishing touches on my latest creative project. I’ve adapted to living this life in a richer way by making every moment and sweet detail count. I look forward to sharing all the joy, beauty and inspiration I’ve found here with you.

Whether you’ve found me because you are dreaming of a detailed and personalized celebration, looking for inspiration for your home party, or launching your next creative project, my hope is that you’ll find my ideas will make your everyday life more engaging, memorable and full of sweet Southern sophistication.


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