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Announcing my new online class: Marketing for Creatives

Since I joined the Studio Calico team, I’ve been excited to have the opportunity to share some of my passions on a larger scale. So of course, I jumped at the opportunity to lead a class on marketing for the creative entrepreneur that the Studio Calico community had been asking for awhile.

This class packs in a ton of content in our four weeks together! I hope you’ll join us if you ready to take your creative blog and online presence to the next level!

Whether you’re a beginner or have been at it for a while, I will help you go from hobbyist to professional with the all-new online class Marketing for Creatives. You’ll learn from myself and a few of my experienced creative friends how to create a marketing strategy for your online presence, generate relevant content that keeps readers coming back, promote your brand using major social media outlets and more!



What comes with this class:

  • Four weeks of lessons and videos sharing some of my expert advice from my 10 years of blogging and professional marketing experience
  • Features from some of my friends who are bloggers and creatives who will let you in on their secrets and give you tips and resources to either get started or take your online presence to a new level
  • Weekly assignments and action plans to get it done
  • Live group Q & A chat
  • Access to a class message board and gallery where you can share and learn with me and fellow students
  • Printable blog planner sheets from Hello Forever, including a content calendar, post planner and a monthly check-in sheet to help you track your stats and set goals (preview coming soon!)



Marketing for Creatives is enrolling now through early September. Class is officially underway on September 1st! I hope you’ll join me!

Class contributors include: Kim Stoegbauer of The TomKat StudioAshlee ProffitElise Blaha Cripe of Enjoy It & Get to Work BookJessica Bishop of The Budget Savvy Bride and Stephanie Bryan of Stephanie Makes.

Making Things Happen Conference & Perfect Timing


making things happen conference


I look at this picture and I see a girl in the middle of a storm. Smiling and trying to keep it together, but feeling really lost.

Last March, I hit rock bottom.

Not that my rock bottom is anything that super dramatic, but for me, after many years of chasing dreams and things and always being on the go, go, go…my feet failed me and hit the ground hard.

It’s not like it all happened at once in one dramatic flourish, but it was over several months and weeks….and falling in slow motion.

Chapters ended on many things in my life from late 2014 to 2015. A previous career ended, dreams and goals turned upside down in my business, my former life as a mom to just one was now a memory, friendships changed, and not to mention a poorly timed eye surgery that took a longer recovery than initially thought and left me with poor vision for months.

In that time I also started a new job where I placed so many high expectations on myself, I put band aids on issues of what I was capable of and desiring within my own business, I was focused on making everyone else happy around me, and did I mention I struggled hard with being a new mom all over again? My superwoman powers failed me and I pretty much felt like I walking in the dark without an end in sight. I kept most of my struggles wrapped up close, except for the few who could see right through the cover up that something was really wrong.

I’m so grateful for those few…Carli, Nicolle, Heather, Ashlee, Sam, the MTH gals and others.

I am also grateful for my faith that helped pull me through the darkness.

The turning point in it all?

My Making Things Happen conference experience this past April when I finally got real with myself and was tired of holding onto all the baggage.


making things happen


I’ve been blessed enough to be part of MTH for a few years now as a guest speaker. Each time I go back, I do the hard work with the attendees and share and work through whatever challenges I’m facing at the time. I can absolutely say that each experience is different than the time before because frankly, we all change. Our lives start new chapters, there are new priorities to balance, and new dreams to work toward. Usually I come prepared with a notion of my struggles and things I want to make happen in addition to the encouragement I want to offer others.

But this last time? I felt like i had nothing to give.

So instead I just threw the whole mess on the table. I openly shared about what brought me to that point. About what a mess I was in and all the mistakes I was making and the failures I had.

That even as a returning speaker many times over, I DO NOT HAVE IT ALL FIGURED OUT. (side note: I never will.)

I had no pretty bow to tie it all up with.

As I finished, I looked at the room of 100+ blankly with tears running down my cheek, and not knowing how to close it, said, “well, that’s it. I’ll let you know how it turns out.”

I later went into a MTH breakout session and told my group that I will definitely be there to support them. But you know what? I needed help, too. I needed their messages of support to get through this.

And they did. Little text messages here and there lifted me up these last few months.

And I prayed.

There’s more to the story between then and now, but months later, and hours spent in the car thinking, I’ve come to know out of this journey that all of this was to bring me closer to Him.

When I tried to think on reasons on why things failed and why friends walked out on me, I believe it was because he wanted to me focus on Him alone. To find my strength and identity there.


Making Things Happen Conference


Last week I received a card I wrote myself during my time at MTH. It was perfectly timed, of course.

In it, I promised myself that the valley would end and that there would be many more mountain peaks to see.
That I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

I said all the words I didn’t feel at that moment and all the words that I hoped I would feel again.

So here I am. Exactly as I was promised, and supposed to be. Grateful to be climbing again with a stronger sense of self, of faith, and purpose.

Things didn’t magically happen and transform themselves during my time at MTH, but they are exactly where my next chapter needed to start.

I’ll be returning to Making Things Happen for the seventh time this Fall. The early bird rate ends today with the opportunity to save half off. If you’re feeling lost or looking for encouragement to take the next leap, I hope you will join us! More details and grab your seat on the site here.


Conference photos by Robyn Van Dyke Photography

5 Tips for Decorating Your Creative Space

Category: AH Living, Home


1. Peruse your Pinterest. This seems like a no brainer, but it’s often that we are busy pinning so many pins that we often don’t pause and go back to see the common thread in what we’re pinning. Is there a common color scheme that you’re attracted to? Any similar patterns that are on your various boards?

2. Look for decor in unexpected places. I’ve found many pieces that I love from Pottery Barn Kids and Land of Nod. My style is playful and colorful but still sophisticated. Over the years, I’ve found everything from prints, to shelves to rugs and accent pieces that are all usually a bit cheaper than their adult counterparts.

3. When in doubt, visit TJ Maxx & Marshalls. It’s true, I love these stores. I’ve found many a vase, jar, and accent piece at affordable prices from these wonderful stores. I love having groups and trios of vases and containers on shelves and desks.

4. Bring in the outdoors. Whether it’s blooms from your garden (like my Limelight hydrangeas above!) or an easy to care for plant, it’s amazing what some fresh greenery does for your space and your creativity. It just automatically makes the place feel happier.

5. Surround yourself with things that truly bring you joy. Another seemingly no brainer, but even I get tired of things and after awhile, starts to feel like clutter. Every couple of months, I like to do a purge of my decor and supplies and donate them to keep things feeling fresh and inspiring.

Inspired Retreat Fall 2015 Update

Category: AH Inspired

inspired retreat 2015 ah inspired

Have you visited the Inspired Retreat website to see our latest updates for our gathering planned for this October 18-21, 2015? Be sure and head over there now!

I’m so excited to reveal our speaker line-up for Fall 2015! Click here to see these talented leaders in the creative industries.

Each year I work hard to deliver new relevant content to drive results in your creative business. Our name may be Inspired, but our experience is designed first with actionable and strategic content in mind.

If you want to learn how to run your business more effectively and efficiently so you can spend more time being creative and doing what you love, come join us this October. If you crave a small army of cheerleaders and supporters behind you to help you make things happen, we’ve saved a seat just for you.

RSVP today for your cottage at Early bird rate ends August 18th! Save $200 by using code INSIDERS at check-out and payment plans available.