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Scratching my head…

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Rocco_1I’ve seen these blog things for a few weeks, and tonight I finally peeked into a couple. Intrigued, I figured it would be fun to have one myself and hope that it would help hone my writing skills. However, when it came to do this first post, I was stumped as to what to write about.

Leave it to my 10-month old labrador to fill my head with all kinds of inspiration.

I don’t think you’ll ever see a dog more excited than when he’s about to be fed. I went into the hallway to slowly stirred Rocco from his nap…he stretched and started licking my face to say hello. I petted him and asked him if he wanted some "yummies." All signs of tiredness were gone and his eyes and ears immediately perked up. I again asked if he was "hungries." (Another funny word from our dog vocabulary). He bounded down the stairs for the garage where he knew the bag of food was waiting.

But it’s when he’s running back to his food bowl that I smile the most. His tail is wagging and is there’s a bounce in his step. He gives me a glance then slides his legs back to collapse in a "lay down." He watches my every inch as I move to lay down the food. He watches as I being to mouth "leeetttt’sss goooo" and he leaps to his feet and gobbles the food down in one minute flat. This is played over day over day and I never stop smiling.