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So Green, So Clean, So Happy.

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Wow. What a busy holiday this past week has been! I was reluctant to post tonight when I really should be enjoying the last few hours of this relaxing day, but I think some of you thought I was missing in action. So here I am. :)

Brandon and I spent the last week in Nashville and it was SO fun. I LOVE it there. It’s SO different from what I’m used to. SO green. SO clean. I left SO happy. WE left SO happy. We already can’t wait to go back for our next visit!

Speaking of happy, I’m ready to make my body happy again. I’ve re-dedicated myself to filling my body with good, healthy, wholesome food and also getting it moving. I figure if I post it here, I’ll be more apt to keep with it. My friend Angela, who’ve I’ve been so bad about staying in contact with, is so inspiring. I’ve watched her little weight ticker move all summer long — all the way down 25 lbs! She looks fabulous! She works out religiously and is very dedicated. I’m so proud of her.

I need to join the movement! Summer officially arrived today, right?

One more thing– I am really hoping to release a new kit at Citrus Blossoms this week and update the gallery with all sorts of fabulous new creations from the creative team! Things have been busy this past week with the vacation, so I’m playing some catch up on the emails and site. Thanks so much for your patience!

Calling on Everyone: Support Your *Independent* Digital Designers

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Wow. Interesting read on 2Peas for a Friday afternoon to say the least. I felt like expressing my 2 cents here as well since it’s likely the original discussion will be gone.

I just feel like I need to get this *out there.* I hope nobody takes it as a self-absorbed post because I’m really talking about *ALL* of us independent digital designers.

In this big scrapbooking world, isn’t there room for all of us artists?

Here is my post:

As a designer myself, I can’t help but feel a bit sad when I see posts that ask the "big guys" to join the digital scrapbooking world. Isn’t that what makes the digtial community so great right now, that individual designers have the opportunity to share their own creative (original) designs and be successful at it?

I think the big names in scrapbooking have amazing design teams and executives and run very successful businesses. But I also do know as a member of the advertising industry (which of course, includes printing) the costs that are incurred (and of course, the amount of markup) that goes into printing 2 sided 80# paper. With the right combination of marketing and leadership, it can be a *very* profitable business. At the same time, it is a very costly start-up.

In contrast, many of us boutique-style digital designers can start our own business with realtively a small chunk of money and still find it to be an extremely rewarding, fufilling and in some cases profitable depending how much time and $ you want to invest.

This whole post isn’t really aimed at the copyright issue, which I wholeheartedly agree should always be enforced, but is really just a reminder that we have so many fabulously creative, original, *independent* designers in this close-knit industry, we aren’t necessarily at a disadvantage because (insert any paper manufacturers name here) doesn’t have a digital version of it’s paper and product line.

Amber 0 Pets 1

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That’s not a really accurate scorecard. It should really read Amber -10 Pets 100.

Do you ever get the feeling your pets get together to plot things against you?

This morning while taking in the morning sunshine and having some coffee, Rocco ran amuck the backyard (as usual). Just as I thought, wow, this is going to be a great day, I hear a scuffle and a big crack of my teracotta pot and plant smashing into the concrete. Thanks Rocco. Love you too.

Then comes time to do a quick once over before I head off to work (and before Brandon gets home from San Antonio). I need to vacuum, so I put Rocco in the garage (because he’s all wet from swimming in the pool mind you) and I go about my business. The hair around our house from the cats is friggin ridiculous. I’m huffing and puffing my vacuum around the first floor and I look up to see the two cats giving me *that* look.

You know the one, "yeah bitch, clean that up."

So, now it’s time to take a shower. I go to look for Rocco who has proceeded to remove 2 cushions from the couch and is running with one is mouth. Our command for Rocco to drop things from his mouth is to "give." So here I am repeating in a very calm and sweet voice, "Rocco. GiveGive. Good boy…Give." When really in my head I’m thinking, "you don’t give, you take, take, take my patience away. Now drop the damn pillow." He quickly complies because he’s used to this game.

So, up the stairs we go. I take one step into the shower and instantly I can see him on top of the bed with another throw pillow in his mouth (sigh).  I get out, repeat "give" for what seems like the thousandth time this week, and he happily drops it and trots into the shower and sits down (big sigh now). Guess we’re taking a shower now.

Our shower doesn’t last very long. He wants out. We get out, I dry him off while I’m dripping wet because you see, when he gets out of the shower he is WILD. He loves being wet. It seems to be exhilirating for him. If I don’t towel him off first, he’ll be down the stairs and ice skating all over the tile floor chasing the cats. I get him decently dry and he is off down the hallway. Straight for the office.

Then, it gets quiet.

I peer around the corner and, of course, he has Brandon’s very very important signed Terry Bradshaw and Singleterry football in his mouth that he conveniently grabbed from one of the top shelves of the bookcase.

"Rocco, give."

Yeah, right. So I’m off down the stairs (naked, mind you), and within 5 feet of him, he happily drops it.

What a good dog.

Pantone 14-4110. Heather

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"The colors that we see all around us are a reflection of the sun’s light in all it’s glory. It is magic made visible. There is nothing more miraculous, unexpected or wondrous than seeing a rainbow appear in the sky." – Colorstrology

I love the quote above (and the folks at Pantone!) – it seems to capture and describe what is undescribable:  Color.

Take for example, how do you describe to someone the color green? At first you might think, "well…it’s green. Green is green." But what if you were able to describe that same green in other senses? "Green is the color of life. It is the smell of fresh, clean goodness. It is the feel of coolness and the taste of that which grows from this earth."

According to Michelle Bernhardt, just as you were born under a certain sun sign, you too have a personal color that corresponds to the real you.

Mycolor My personal color is Pantone 14-4110. Heather.  Description: Realistic. Serious. Funny.

To say the least, this wouldn’t be my first choice. It’s…too light. Too…wispy. A tad bit too feminine. And to put it like it is…too serious. I like to think of myself as outgoing, fun loving. Shouldn’t I be something more…bold? More bright? More cheerful?

Don’t be so judgemental at first. As Michelle Berhardt points out, your favorite color is shaped by various experiences and outside influences (I didn’t really have a favorite anyway), but your birth color is constant.  Perhaps you may be suppressing one aspect of your life, and these traits aren’t as prevalent as they are at other times.

Hmmm…food for thought. Moving on…

…turns out my personal color does maybe make sense. My color descriptors are very much opposites and complimentry. And, I do very much have a yin and a yang about me. I’m told a lot that I’m very mature for my 24 year old age. I’m a planner and I’m a spender. I’m a jokester and I’m a sensitive soul.

What I love most of all is the intro to my personal color: "There is a logical and serious side to your nature combined with a wild sense of adventure and childlike wonder."

This should be my personal mantra. It’s so….well, ME.

I am the color Heather.  What’s your color? Check out Colorstrology for an inspirational experience!

Bloom Where You Are Planted.

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I finally have *proof* I have a green thumb. My roses are in beautiful bloom this weekend. Seems the 90 degree heat produced the ideal conditions for a burst of color. Bloom 

I don’t claim to have the greenest green thumb, but I do have a lot of enthusiasm or shall I say, good intentions, when I set to work about my yard. But…I do get lazy, don’t keep up with the watering…which is evident in my 4 crispy plants on the patio by the pool in the backyard. Then sometimes mother nature (and the sprinklers) are on my side, and my flowers looks pretty damn good.

A glorious weekend here in Vegas. I’m off to catch a few more hours of what’s left of this very relaxing weekend. So happy and content am I.