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1. Finished up my goodie boxes of stuff for my friend’s husband and his fellow Marine buddies in Iraq. I spent nearly an hour at the store trying to figure out what to get. The Marine Corps. has an interesting list of things that are good to send, but when I sat down and looked at the stash on my kitchen counter, I had to laugh. Everything from baby wipes to twizzlers and other candy, carmex to rice krispy treats to breath freshners (my alternative to tooth brushes?).

And then there’s the explanation I gave the checkout guy regarding the half naked women magazines I was buying…even funnier, Brandon was going through the cupboard looking for something to eat, and I called from upstairs, "don’t eat any of that stuff that’s in those bags, they’re for the guys in Iraq." And he replies, "man, they eat better than me! when are you going to buy me some of this good stuff?"

Feels good to give. Especially when you know these guys are hard up for some good cheer.



2. I’m happy I finished a new kit! Madrid (Day & Night) is now available! I have to say my designs are centering more towards clean graphic lines and shapes. I’m now making the embellishments and accents with more whimsy and handdrawn elements…not sure if that’s what people dig, so we’ll see.  Here’s a peek at the new kit:

Madridsmkit Madridextrassmkit

3. Other things are coming along in my scrapping world. Working on several new business projects that I’m really feelin’ good about. I’m definitely feeling a bit tired from the full day job and then coming home and working on Citrus Blossoms, but things are evening out. I’ll soon be able to devote some time towards 2 of the exciting projects. I’m looking forward to the day (somewhat soon) when I will be able to work full-time from home on all my little ventures. Speaking of which, any of you blog readers coming my way to Memory Trends in October? It’ll be my first show, so I’m excited to see what it has in store! Hoping I get to meet some of you I see around on the 2peas boards and other sites.

4. Have you met my fabulous Creative Team at Citrus Blossoms?!?! I received so many wonderful entries from so many talented artists, that it was very hard narrowing it down to just these gals. They’ve already amazed me with their creativity. Even cooler, they’re coming up with so many ways to use the products in digital and traditional ways. A lot of these gal’s name’s you’ll recognize from some of the 2Peas boards or the many publications they’ve been published in. I have to say, it feels so *amazing* to see what people can do with your stuff…a VERY good warm fuzzy feeling.

5. I received a HUGE box of Heidi Swapp stuff this weekend. I’m off to play with it!

Fotos & Funk.

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Was going about my morning taking a few pics of things that capture my everyday life. I was playing around with the camera to see if I could get a picture in the mirror of me in my full-on Sunday bed-head complete with pj’s. Caught this photo by accident which I thought was sort of a cool angle. Played with some filters and ended up with 2 results. One a bit pinkish, one a bit greenish in a vintage polaroid sort of way. So blog readers, which do you prefer? I’ll use the one you guys pick for a future layout.

Pinkishsat   Greenish

Other than that, I’ve been in a funk today. I have this habit of spending an extraordinary amount of time in stores without buying anything. I take my time, look things over, place many a thing in my cart. But then I get to the register, and if there is any sort of line, I start to mull everything over…and usually just drop everything and walk out. (Sorry "go-back" people). I did this today at Target, Michael’s and Aaron Brothers. I was gone for maybe 3 hours and come home with only an adhesive refill.

In other news, we may have found our temporary living quarters for the next couple of months.  It is a rental house not too far from where we currently are. I’m trying to stay positive and bite my tongue around Brandon, but I’m definitely not digging the living situation. It just feels so dirty there. But, they’ll take our pets and a month to month lease, so we have to take what we can get. At least it will make us appreciate our new house so MUCH more. I’ve already been given orders to begin packing. And so "the move" begins.

New Citrus Blossoms Stuff

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For all you digital scrappers, an online summer festival is going on right now at! There are lots of great designers offering many great designs at reduced prices, I highly recommend you check it out.

While you’re there, you can visit the Citrus Blossoms Booth, where I’ve introduced some new products at special festival prices! Here’s a sampling:




I’ve also received so many interest applications for the Citrus Blossoms Creative Team, I am so excited to share them! All of them are very well known artists in both digital and traditional scrapbooking communities. Check out the site this weekend and you can read about all of them!

Also, stay tuned this weekend for a new kit, "Madrid Day & Night"! I’m really excited for this one…

Have a great day!