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Do Something Good Today: Give.

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Network for Good – Donate to help Hurricane Katrina victims

Network for Good is a one stop place for donating to the charities that are assisting the Hurricane Katrina disaster victims.

And if you have a place in your heart for animals, Noah’s Wish is an organization that is listed you can donate to. I have seen them already doing good works on CNN for the animals that have been rescued and are injured.

Even if it’s $10, every bit helps.

Wanting it to be an ordinary Tuesday.

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Incredibly sad to see such devistation on the news. I’m glued to it. I have been since Sunday afternoon when the coverage began. I think it must be my journalism schooling…I absolutely have to know every fact and then report it to every person I strike up a conversation with. Natural disasters aside, I believe my true calling was to be a Weather Channel reporter. I love the weather. It intrigues me so much. But, that’s something for a whole other blog entry.

What really bothers me is the uncertainty for all those people. Namely, those who I know that are affected. My main client account is one of the Gulfport, MS casinos. I work with those people every day and now I know nothing. We have tried scouring the news reports and watched helicopter footage of the devistation along the beach where the casinos are located, but we cannot find the building. Rumors that we’ve heard is that the building is destroyed and another one is that it is lying across the street in a competitors parking lot.

Building or not, I just want to know that the people are okay…I just want it to be an ordinary Tuesday early morning client meeting where everybody is joking and laughing and being gently reminded to stay on task.

I have come to the realization we won’t have one of those meetings for a very long while…my prayers are with them.

This week’s meme

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Posting on the 2Peas meme this week.

a meme n (mëm): is an idea that is shared and passed from blog to blog, like a question posted in one blog and answered in many other blogs.

10 "Places I Want to Travel To" :

Some are close, some are far from home. I don’t consider myself a well seasoned traveler, but I have seen quite a few *cool* places and had some really neat experiences. One thing I learned in various conversations with other hostellers (namely international ones), is the wonder of places we have right here in the good ole USA. You sometimes forget the amazing treasures our country holds until someone else points it out to you — OR tells you how they’ve backpacked across and up and down the US of A and has seen way more national parks and landmarks than you can shake a stick at. (yes, katie, that quote was for you.) On with the show…

1. Florence and Rome, Italy (just so beautiful!)

2. Pacific Northwest – No. Calif., Oregon, Washington (just want to drive up the coast and take in all the cool air and green forests — plus can we stop in the city Goonies was filmed in?!? LOL )

3. New York City (been there once but want to go back!)

4. Spain (all over again – love it, love it, love it)

5. Greece ( it seems so charming and vintage…like an old movie)

6. Maui and Kuai, Hawaii (oooh…black sand beaches…waterfalls….sounds so romantic!)

7. U.S. Virgin Islands (just want to sit in a hammock and stare out into a azul sea)

8. Glasgow, Irleand (would love to see the house my 104 year old great grandmother was born in, who by the way is still living, and the house is still standing!)

9. Southern United States (just hit the road in a convertible, stop in small towns with b&b plantations that have big wide front porches, mossy oak trees, and drink mint julieps and sweet tea while rocking in a white rocking chair…)

10. Mexico City, Mexico (yeah it’s dirty, but it’s always intrigued me…)

And where do you want to go? Let me know!


Man, I love this guy…

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I discovered a new blogger today (Desiree Bell)…and today she posted a cool quickie magazine challenge.  As she writes:

"go get a magazine and rip out a page. It can be a picture you just like, an article, an advertisement, whatever. As long as it appeals to you for some reason. Then scrap it. Nothin’ fancy. Forget about design. Just stick it down and write something. Even if it’s just "I like this picture…kinda makes me smile."  Do it. I can’t tell you how liberating this is."

You know what? It was fun. Took 10 minutes, and BAM! It was done.

It’s funny, today was my day off and I got to induldge in Dr. Phil at 3 p.m.  Haven’t seen one of his shows in forever (I never have gotten around to figure out how to record it now that we don’t have a VCR), but it felt so good to get a dose of "GETTING REAL" (as he himself calls it).

I love his style…no sugar coating anything…"you’re responsible for YOU"…tell it how it really is kind of style. And for a person like me, who has her head in the clouds half the time, it’s just what I need to bring me back to reality sometimes.

Note to Self:

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I’ve been yearning for a new wave of creativity to wash over me…taking steps here and there to get over there

…and one place to start is Keri Smith’s 100 ideas.

#2 sounded intriguing to me. and you know what? I had fun with it. I wrote a letter to Amber McDonald, to be delivered to Me, on August 23, 2006.

After I finished writing it, I thought about how I would fold it up and tuck it away – for now. And then it came to me: I  would fold it up oragami style, just like the old days in jr. high, complete with little directive "PULL" on the half-tucked piece…


At first thought, I told myself I wouldn’t remember how to do it. But, I put the negative thought quickly aside, and slowly I felt it come back to me… and my hands magically folded and creased their ways, just as they had done so many years ago.

Noteletter_1 The letter isn’t entirely insightful. Mostly well wishes and reminders of things to focus on, things that are important that sometimes I lose sight of….but the whole act of writing this letter to my future self, was really, really cool. 

I mean, who knows where I’ll be sitting in one year? What will I be wearing? How will I have changed? How have I stayed true to my self? Big questions…

And with that, I’m already excited to pick another from the list…maybe you’ll do one too? (and be sure to send a link if you do!)