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First confession: I’ve listened to Hilary Duff’s "Coming Clean" music video TWICE tonight on Yahoo Music Videos. Yes, I admit that this quite the teeny bopper song, but it just exudes high school and college-angst memories for me. That, and I have a secret indulgence for Laguna Beach on MTV. It is after all, a very catchy theme song.

I guess my indulgence isn’t quite so secret. All of the coordinators in my department at work (there are 6 of us gals ranging in age 24 to 30) regularly speculate, analyze and discuss episodes from this addicting show. We recap missed episodes and also share celebrity gossip on a daily basis. I love it. Such a fun group of gals! Which brings me to another confession: I subscribe to US Weekly.

And another confession: I also enjoy watching "good-feeling" reality tv. The kind of reality tv the seems to serve some sort of purpose other than just entertainment.  "Extreme Home-Makeover" is good. "Supernanny" is cool too. And tonight I caught an episode of "3 Wishes." Man, I balled my eyes out a half-dozen times on this one – but good, happy tears.

After writing a post that really serves no purpose, I’m totally wishing I knew how to add one of those little music video boxes to my blog. So you could indulge in Hilary Duff, too.

JUST FOR A DAY or TWO, of course….

I almost wrote a post once how much those friggin’ music video boxes annoy me when I read blogs. If you’re not expecting it and you have the volume up, then BAM! the music scares the crap out of you (and my poor dog, too!).

Well, I’m off to do some research on how to add the silly thing…heheheheeh….


Woohoo! Figured out some background music! And if you are just CRINGING, press ESC on your keyboard and you can shut her up. ;)

What I want to be when I grow up.

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I had my review at work the other day and I was asked where I saw myself headed…what did I want to work towards…?

And you know what I told them? "I really don’t know."

Yeah, probably not the best professional answer, but I was in an honest sort of mood.

I like what I do now. I’m good at it. I’m content with it. But I’m sure I don’t want to do it forever.

That got me thinking this week. What the heck do I want to do?

I like marketing. But I’m feeling a lack of passion in it lately.

The real underlying truth is maybe I’m having trouble finding meaning in my career. Am I helping make a difference in this world by the work that I do?

Wierd thing is, I’m thinking about grad school now for marketing. Because, well…it just seems like the thing to do. Bigger promotions. Bigger paychecks….

Trouble is, the part I least liked about undergrad were theories and papers and thesis statements…I’m horrible with standardized tests, so any hope of a good score on the GRE would be a good laugh…and finally, grad credits are unbelieveably costly.

But, I’ve found a couple of good M.A. marketing or advertising programs online that are for working professionals. They also happen to be through state universities AND some of them even offer the option of not having to take the GRE or having to write thesis papers.

Now if only I had about $2,000 lying around in change every semester for one freaking class…

Then again, why the heck am I considering grad school when I really don’t even know what I want?


After I typed the above post, I came across a very smack-you-in-the-forehead moment on a friends blog.

I couldn’t come across this below excerpt a better time.  Here it is for you. Maybe it will mean something to you, too?

Moving Beyond Success to Significance

Most people I know strive for success. For some it’s achieving high position, for others it’s wealth, and for still others it’s achieving some long-held goal. As the final definition of success is personal, success may be no more than "getting what you want."

Success can be sweet or disappointing; durable or short-lived. But either way, it’s not an adequate destination. Management guru Peter Drucker writes about the need of many highly successful people to move beyond their success to "significance."

Success is about achievements; significance is about impact. Significance is having a meaningful positive and durable impact on the lives of others.

According to legend, Alfred Nobel discovered the difference when he read his own obituary mistakenly printed by a newspaper that thought he had died. It was a flattering profile of the brilliant chemist who made a fortune as the inventor of dynamite, but it depressed Mr. Nobel, who felt certain that these achievements would not be long remembered. Determined to leave a more significant legacy, he established the Nobel Prizes for human achievements.

Mr. Nobel realized that there’s a kind of immortality in significance. Sure, a life devoted to accomplishing personal goals can be worthy and satisfying, but it can be enormously enriched when we consciously use our talents and time to improve the lives of others.
In Living a Life That Matters, Harold Kushner writes, "Our souls are not hungry for fame, comfort, wealth or power. Our souls are hungry for meaning, for the sense that we have figured out how to live so that our lives matter, so that the world will be at least a little bit different for our having passed through it."

This is Michael Josephson reminding you that character counts.

Cute Fall Ideas.

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So, I spent the better part of this evening looking up some fall wedding ideas for a friend. Came across so many cool things that could be used in the upcoming Halloween & Thanksgiving holidays. Here are 3 of my favorite finds from tonight:


Okay, this cute lantern is not the first I’ve ever come across, but I just LOVE it. So simple, so country, so classic. I’m already dreaming of backyard BBQ’s in our new house next summer with these little guys lighting up the backyard.


Love these tealights in these carved mini-pumpkins. How cute is this for your dining room table? Perfect for any fall feast – even better for Thanksgiving. Beautiful floral arrangement too.


The picture is a bit blurry from the site I got it from, but I think I saw these guys in Martha Stewart either a year or two ago. Supposedly the directions for making them are on her website. Looks pretty straightforward to me – twinkle lights are what make these guys glow. Adorable!

And Some Pages I Got Done Last Week…




Nothin’ New To Report

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Sorry for being so quiet lately. Nothing new to report or add to the blog.

Glad to have Brandon home safe on Wednesday morning. He wasn’t due back from Port Arthur, TX until Thursday, but his work luckily had him out on a flight out of dodge just in time! We’re hoping the hospital he travels to frequently (for work) is still standing…

That’s all folks! We’ll be cheering on our San Diego Chargers in tonight’s game — hoo hah!

Waiting Patiently.

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Reason #52781263492308-gazllion

I hate my camera:


See this photo? It sucks. Not just sucks, but SUCKS. We went to my nephew’s 5th birthday party on Sunday. I just knew to expect my camera would take some horrendous photos. Outside it can take so-so photos, but inside? Forget it. I don’t think it doesn’t get any worse than this!

And as of a week ago, I am waiting eagerly for my birthday. In exactly 15 days, the camera of my dreams will be in my hands, and god willing, there will be very very few bad photos. I have a feeling Brandon will be very happy to not hear me whine and complain about my current camera or the begs, pleads and reasoning on why I needed such an expensive piece of machinery. The trade-off? He gets his Bose system. BOYS! Sheesh! I thought I had the expensive taste. LOL.

I did manage to get a few decent photos:



I’m looking forward to our birthday present actually getting some use. Brandon and I paid for his soccer team fee and got him all new soccer equipment – cleets, soccer balls, shin guards, socks, shorts, water bottles – THE WORKS. Brandon is especially enthusiastic about all this since he played soccer for most of his life.  So, we are expecting the next dozen Saturdays watching 4 & 5 year-olds running the wrong way. Good times!