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I’m working on a internet satellite connection, so this will be short and sweet (yeah right).

First, Happy New Year to you all: friends, family and visitors! ;)

I couldn’t be any less than the happiest girl in the world. We’re here! The house is beautiful and perfect! It’s been a fun and tiring few days, but oh-so-worth it. The best part: that wonderful new-house smell. Mmmm…

We’ve had so many laughs since we’ve arrived in this other half of the country…I’ll share a few. It cracked me up when I was in the checkout line at the local grocery store there were plastic covers over the covers of Glamour, Cosmo, Women’s World, US Weekly…..I mean, I’ve seen those over the covers of nudie magazines at gas stations, but Women’s World?!?! I just HAD to ask the checker, and he chuckled and said some get offended by the way the ladies dress on the covers…..

We have officially arrived in another world.

Tonight is New Year’s Eve and we have$50 worth of the most dangerous fireworks I have ever seen since my last visit to the Moapa Valley Indian Reservation outside of Las Vegas!! Seems folks in these parts light off fireworks on New Year’s Eve just like the 4th of July….stands on every corner. Too funny. I’ll let you know how our display works out. ;)

Finally, one new thing I’ll have to get used to is stocking up on wine (which many of you know I’m a big fan of)…and here, wine and liquor is sold outside of grocery stores and in its own stores. But since our county was dry up until a few years ago, it has been impossible to find these said stores. We asked a dozen strangers where the nearest liquor store was…and finally today someone pointed us in the right direction. :) Packed. Huge lines. Everyone had a bottle of champagne…and here we were with 1 Champagne, 1 Merlot, 3 Pinot Grigios and a Reisling. Too funny.

And with that, I’m going back to my glass of Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio and my rolls of kitchen shelf liners that I’m busy cutting up….

I promise when we have the cable internet connection later in the week I’ll catch up on all of your emails that all of you have sent since Xmas!!

Wishing you all a wonderful new year from all of us – me, my wonderful fiance, Rocco puppy and the two kitties.

On the road again…

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Just a quick hello from Oklahoma City, OK! :) Arrived here this afternoon and after a huge meal at Outback Steakhouse, a margarita or two, I’m ready for bed. Getting up bright and early at 4:30 for our push off on the final leg to Nashville – 700 miles to cover tomorrow!

Everything has been great thus far – a late start yesterday from Vegas and we arrived late and tired in Albuqueque at midnight last night. The kitties and dog have been super travelers, we are very happy it has been easy thus far (except for the speeding ticket Brandon got in Texas today! LOL).

Anyway, more to report in the coming days…I’ve got a new house waitin’ for me!

P.S. THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you for all your good wishes on our engagement!!! :)

Who Are You?

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87 visitors in the past 24 hours, and I don’t know many of you… So please, come out, come out whoever you are….I’d like to meet y’all.

look at that. already using y’all. i think i’ve used that word so much lately. it was *so* meant to be for us to be in nashville. (6 more days!)

So, anyway, I don’t have anything witty to post. So in true format, I’m stealing what everyone is doing on the blogs these days….

So all you lurkers and new visitors, ask me a question, any question. I may not have some profounding answer (is profounding a word?) but, I’ll answer anyway.

Can you tell I don’t have much to do in my second to last day at work? Heehee.

Mixed Feelings.

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The blahs of Christmas have presented themselves. Yuck.

Feeling a bit over-whelmed…still a few Xmas gifts to be bought…for my parents no less…who the heck waits until the last possible moment to buy their parents their gift?…ugh. Drove aimlessly tonight and ended up coming home with nothing.

Mailed Christmas cards just today. Didn’t finish the two mini-albums I had planned to do for our Mom’s.

Starting to feel sick….tired feeling…sore throat…I have impeccable timing. Visions of fevers and sniffles while sitting in a car for 3 days is looking wretched…

No Christmas tree at home, no holiday decorations….just the never-ending repeat of each of us saying to each other, "I can’t wait to get out of this house….only a few more days…"

Last few days at work have been SO busy. So many things to finish up, follow up….my Christmas cookies for the exchange I organized at work were a flop (for me anyway). Again, blaming it on the crappy kitchen in this house. Somehow I imagine my new kitchen will produce *amazing* results.

What a grump I am, huh? Well, there are plenty of positives to remind myself of….

First, A HUGE THANK-YOU to Megan, a member of my Creative Team, and her wonderful package of scrap goodies that I arrived on my doorstep. This holiday greeting TOTALLY made my day. I can’t wait to play with that stuff in my new room when I get settled.

Congrats to my oldest best friend Lauren (I think it’s been almost 10 years now…) on her engagement this weekend! One happy girl and one cute couple! Of course, I’m voting for the destination wedding because EVERYBODY needs an excuse to go to Hawaii…but, I’ll settle for any destination! ;)

And finally, I am so *blessed* to be griping about where I live now and to be able to be so darn anxiously happy about my new house that is waiting for me in TN.

Of course, we’re ready to get a move on…