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So, I don’t have a fancy method of picking random numbers. I have no young one around to draw names out of a hat…and I was trying to come up with something that my dog could pick out, but figured that would be too much work… ;)

Did a google search for "random number generator" and viola!

The winning random posts are: #28, #37, #4, #22, #2

So congrats to NikkiH, Sam, Cheryl, Kathy Reid, & Susan. I’ll be contacting you later today!

THANKS again to all of you who posted, your comments are too kind!

Are you feeling lucky??

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I am sooo inspired when I see what has been done with the Dulce line! A friend sent me a link to a layout that was posted to Two Peas a few weeks ago. It was actually the first time I had seen a number of layouts, and it just gets me so excited!

ScrapHype, an online kit club, used Dulce for their March kit, and I am amazed by what their design team has done! Be sure to check out their site under "Ideas", but here are a couple I tracked down on 2peas for your viewing pleasure:

Ruth Akers:
Fun with you.

Shannon Bastian:
How Sweet it is.
Well Loved Toys.

Laura Solomon:

And I just checked yesterday that Self-Addressed with be using Dulce in their April kit. Another fabulous kit club!

Do you have a layout to share using Dulce? Please send me a link my way because I’d love to see it! All this talk got me excited so why not do some giveaways? :) :) :)

Post a comment to this post as I’ll be drawing names to give away the entire Dulce Island Blossoms paper collection to 5 lucky winners! I will allow comments to be posted until Tuesday at 11:59pm, so be sure to tell your friends! Winners will be announced Wednesday!

Have a super weekend!


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Wow, this week just flew by! Lots of things to do this weekend, some much over-do house cleaning, some scrapping projects, and other fun stuff.

And here’s 2 layouts that I did awhile back that I’m just getting around to sharing….




And Dulce arrived at ScrapIt! yesterday! Was just dropping off my class samples and was so delighted to see it front and center when you walk in the store! It’s one thing to see your samples, but it’s another thing to see it on display in a store! Click here for the breaking news story by Ann herself on their blog! ;)