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Nashville Spring.

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Hermitage So, I have a new favorite season since we’ve moved here…spring! Lovin’ the weather, but especially LOVING how GREEN everything is. We are amazed and moved every day by it.

And having Brandon’s parents here visiting last week made us a couple of tourists ourselves! We spent a day at The Hermitage – President Andrew Jackson’s plantation that is right near where we live. Notice this wasn’t taken with my camera–battery died halfway through tour–and spare was in the car!


Things are going up so fast around the neighborhood…pretty soon the lots across the street from ours will be built with houses. B’s parents loved all the trees that surround us…even went for a mini hike on the land they haven’t built on yet (above) but came home with a couple of ticks (yikes! no thanks!).


I’ve been driving B nuts with how much I talk about planting some dogwoods in the yard. No qualms about it in general…just as long as I dig the hole….er….do you have any idea how hard it is to dig in this state?!

And just the other facts:

1. Joined the gym today. Yay! So looking forward to getting my rear in shape for summer (and life in general!). Been slacking way too long since we moved here in the health dept. Conveniently it is right across from my work so I can go everyday after work. No excuses!

2. First new (used) book came in the mail from Amazon! Just picked out 4 the other day – figured whoever was first to arrive, would be picked first. So it is, The Other Boleyan Girl. Next to arrive will be the Time Traveler’s Wife and The Queen’s Fool.

3. (real) Work is keeping me busy!


4. Brandon hit the big 2-9 on Monday.  Glad I conned him in to sitting still for this one photo…he was pretty ready to go the minute we arrived for our plantation tour – typical man! :)


Have your cake and eat it too.

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I will never learn.

Another birthday for Brandon.


Another taste testing by Rocco.

He got to this one while it was cooling – fresh from out of the oven…while I went upstairs to get the vaccum cleaner.


Last year he got the ice cream pie while everyone was opening presents in the other room.

How can you be mad when you see him licking his chops like that? I could only laugh and then return to the grocery store for a store made cake. Oh well. Que sera…sera.

Yup still busy.

Did you catch the new Garden Glow kit at Citrus Blossoms? Loved creating with the bright colors.

Loved these layouts these spring layouts from the Creative Team…

Nancy Armstrong

Leslie Yamat

Candy Sorensen

Feels good getting back into the swing of things…still anticipating more free time to let the creativity flow. Hard to stay inside when the weather is this good!

Oh, and a peek of more *fun* things to come:


Wedding Stuff.

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Hey there! Long time no talk to!

Lots of things…need to post upcoming class samples for ScrapIt…some layouts…photos from Easter weekend with B’s parents….ALL THAT and just looking forward to some quality time in the next few days to actually sit down and create!

But this is a quickie post…some new wedding stuff & inspiration for planning that I wanted to share…

Town_heart_courtyard_view  The location we have narrowed down the ceremony and reception for…just need to sign the contracts! This is Montelago Village at Lake Las Vegas…an italian themed shopping and dining village…located about 20 minutes outside of Vegas, near Lake Mead. They have several beautiful courtyards for outdoor ceremonies and receptions…it’s pretty quiet out there, has cute cobble-stoned streets…and I think it’s just what we have in mind….I spent much of my younger years out at Lake Mead with my family, and Brandon and I spent every summer weekend at the river/lake when we first met…so, it’s sort of nostalgic to have it out there.

Lakevillagegolfersinforeground This is the view of the village from the Lake side. Cute, no?

And some other decor and flower ideas…leaning towards the bright pinks…greens…and other bold pallettes…Here are some new favorites!







Groom  New favorite suit for Brandon!

Hope you enjoyed this mini-wedding showcase!

Busy, Busy, Busy…

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Brandon’s parents arrive tomorrow for their first ever visit to Nashville and our new house!

Lots to do before they come. So excited for them to see everything we’ve been talking about for so long!

Lots of fun stuff planned for the next four days…some touristy things, some hanging out around the house things…can’t wait!

Have a happy Easter!