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Yes, I really do scrapbook.

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Last weekend, I (*finally*) churned out 2 layouts to satisfy my creativity hunger.


This was for an Effer Dare a while back playing with the theme "observe". Was excited to use my favorite new Fontwerks stamps (‘hand’ & ‘god’)! And I’m totally digging the Scenic Route paper (featuring various mathcing patterns on one sheet – I just LOVE this concept – every manufacturer should DO THIS. ). I’ve bought up all of their stuff recently from my LSS.


And this was long overdue. I have a whole stack of photos from Breanne’s wedding above, and a few other friends’ special days. I had fun with the above adding a whole lotta fun cluttery stuff. And thanks Sherri, I can’t seem to put the puffy paint down. I want to add it to every thing!

So, there are some good things from today to be put down in writing:

1. Seeing my first lightning bug last week. I just peeked out the backyard a minute ago, and sure enough, there they are out near the woods behind our house!

2. Finishing up designs for the Dulce summer release! I have to admit the whole creative process when it comes to designing is fun, challenging and sometimes, downright tiring from all the thought-processes! It’s a very personal thing for me…and to put it short, at the end of the day, my one burning question is, "will they (you, the scrapbooker) like it?!" And one great by-product of designing something is the urge to create. That’s where I’m at right this very moment. I need to play!

3. And today, we were checking out trees at the nursery…we are going to place a BIG order next week for 2 Red Maples that are already mature,  a few other guys for the backyard, and a cherry blossom tree for the side front yard. Who knew one could be so excited for trees? Well, we are!

4-8. A pedicure. A BBQ. Dogs playing. Neighbors over right now playing pool. And me here with my Miller Lite listening to "Sittin’ by the dock of the bay" and the sound of frogs and crickets outside.

Life is good.

Oh, and Rocco wants to say hello. Crazy dog.


Just the Facts.

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1. I’m alive! But busy. Really, really busy. And I owe many of you a reply email or two…and they’re coming…soon…!

2. Vegas was great! Loved the work, loved the heat, loved staying over at Mom & Dad’s one night. Can’t wait for a "real" trip (i.e. vacation) in a few months…

3. My class at ScrapIt last night was great. Loved seeing all the fabulous creations my ‘students’ made.

4. I bought myself a 250GB external hard drive today. Yee haw – have some backing up to do…add that to my mile long to-do list.

5. Taking a blog break for another day or two…or three…but I promise to be back in full effect soon!

Lovely Weekend.

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Had a great weekend!

Lots of flower planting in the front yard…went out with friends on Saturday night…hung out around the house on Sunday…

Leaving on a business trip to Vegas for the next four days! (And of course, excited to see the family while I’m there).

Busy day ahead!


Friday Uniform.

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I love Old Navy tees in the spring/summer.

I buy what seems like 10 each year.

My latest favorite:



Happy Cinco de Mayo! Viva Mexico!

For those who don’t know me personally, I’m half Mexican.  Unfortunately, I never had much exposure to that side of my heritage for most of my life and pretty much had an average all-american suburban upbringing.

But I’m proud of where I come from. I LOVE any sort of latino (mexican, central american, and spanish) food and drink. Love the spicy stuff and Tapatio hot sauce goes on half my dishes. Oh, and the hips and ass? I got those too. And I know how to work them on the dance floor you-betcha.  ;)

If I had a list of regrets or wish I could’ves for my life thus far…

Near the top of my list would be wishing my grandma had taught me how to make her tortillas before she died almost 10 years ago. I can remember as a little girl going over to her house….I’d be sitting in the kitchen, watching her take out the ingredients and mix them together in a bowl. And then I would help her roll out the dough with a smooth wood hand roller…

so perfect and comforting…a steaming plate of tortillas with a smear of butter….