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Here I am.
Missing in action for awhile.
Wow only, like my fifth post this month.
I’ve been busy.
And sometimes not.
And all the times I haven’t been busy, I’ve found something else to do, and in turn make myself busy again.

So here I am home sick today with my big jar of honey.
See, I’ve been having on-going issues with my eyes for about 7 months now. Seems they all of the sudden decided to develop an allergy or reaction to either the chemicals and preservatives that are in my contacts and solutions. So, some days I wake up and am unable to keep them open in the light, I tear up like crazy, and it overall hurts like hell.  Anyway, this is more info than you needed to know. The bright side, it will clear up in a couple of days and I’ll be on my way to happily wearing my contacts. Hopefully this time the dr.’s cocktail will work.

But anyway, about my jar of honey…
Today was magic #3 person who said I really needed to buy some local honey to combat all of my wierd illnesses and allergies I’ve developed since moving here. 
I never knew where to get this local honey (the idea is the more "local" the honey, the better it will be for you to help your immune system), so I stopped by the old HG Hill supermarket (the same one I think they should raze because it is such an eyesore), and sure enough, there was a giant ole jar of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee honey along with some other local offerings.  I think I like that store now…

So today begins my 1tsp a day regimine of local honey.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

In other news, my scrapbook studio is a complete and utter diaster. The whole thing needs de-cluttering and organzing. Every time I start, I get overwhelemed with how much crap there is. Hoping to do an over-haul this week.

I’ve been o-d’ing on wedding planning. I think I’ve seen enough places and reviewed enough menus to have decided on a place already, and yet, we still don’t have one. And it’s frustrating. And I’m ready to have the places picked and the date set already so I can just get it over with and go on to fun stuff. Sigh…

Congrats and *HUGS* are in order for so many of my favorite people this week.

Ali is the newest member of the American Crafts DT!

Becky is fixing up her new house and it’s her BIRTHDAY this week!

Doris is the newest member of the oh-so-lovely Poppy Ink DT!

You guys rock! :)

Oh and guess what? I’m spending 5 lovely days in Las Vegas at the end of September for my very own birthday! B has to travel there for a week so I’m tagging along. I picked the MGM Grand because of all their wonderful pools to lay out by. :) B’s parents are going to drive in from San Diego and we’re going to have a little party at my parent’s house complete with my favorite birthday meal: grilled carne asada tacos! Yum! Mi favorito! ;) Something to look forward to.

Hugs to all! Will try to get back in the blogging and scrapping spirit for September!

Fall Workshop at Scrap It!

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A quick drive-by post to let you know of the big Fall Workshop planned at Scrap It in October!
Limited to only 40 – so reserve your spot ASAP!

Announcing the…
Saturday, October 21st
10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Join us for this fun day of scrapbooking with seven of our talented teachers…
- Jenni Bowlin
- Amber McDonald
- Doris Sander
- Sherri VonLobstein
- Tammy Graves
- Tracie Claiborne
- Ann Kelly
In this fast-paced workshop, you’ll complete an ENTIRE 20-PAGE 6×6 ALBUM in a Fall theme!
Each teacher will be designing three pages so there will be a variety of styles and techniques,
however, the album will be cohesive because all the papers and colors will be Fall oriented.
Did you know that almost all of our teachers have been published in scrapbooking magazines and
idea books and some are even national celebrities? This is your chance to take a class from each of them, all in one day!
Lunch, snacks and drinks will be provided.
You’ll leave with a beautiful 6×6 Making Memories album full of Fall pages ready to put your pictures on!
Here’s the best part….this entire day full of fun is only $50!!!
This event is limited to 40 students and we anticipate selling out quickly so if you are interested,
please call with your credit card to reserve your spot.
Registration for this event, ends Monday, October 2, 2006 at 7:00 pm.
Due to the fact that we will be ordering product and albums specifically for this workshop, there will be no refunds on this event.

Required Reading.

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Loving every page of this book: Marley & Me


A dog lover? You must read this book. A fellow Lab owner? You will relate to everything in this book.

I originally bought it for Brandon and this was probably the first book that he has raved on and on about. There are so many similarities between our story and the couple’s in this book.

Reading this book makes me constantly want to pet and cuddle with our pup Rocco. I’m amazed at how big he’s grown and all the memories we’ve had with him in the past two years. So very happy He chose this particular dog to be in our life.

Loved looking at some photos of when we first brought him home (boy did we have NO IDEA what we were in for…he was just a cute little fuzzy ball…)

A good sign of things to come:


We think this is when Rocco first started believing that he is actually a cat:


Our little man – the only male of the litter – on the far right.


Just want to add that now that I have you cooing over my sweet puppy photos….

I don’t recommend going out and getting yourself one of these fuzzy little balls of hell. Okay, maybe that’s harsh…but really, if we ever did or do it ever again, we will be finding ourselves a grown yellow lab – perferably a rescue. Puppies and dogs are SO much more work than they were years ago. There are so many fancy techniques and training that I certainly do not remember doing as a kid with my own childhood dogs…but they are the only way to go these days.

So please, rescue a dog if you can. Train your dog by taking him to Petsmart, etc. Socialize your dog. Exercise your dog by taking it on walks. Do not leave it in the backyard thinking that is exercise enough. And for God sakes, spay or neuter your dog! Too many rednecks around here don’t and the amount of strays I see daily is so sad and frustrating.

This is Bob Barker for the Price is Right.


Happy Day.

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This week is going pretty good so far – I think I’m in such a good mood because I finally found the *perfect* jean jacket and I’ve worn it just about every other day in the past week with every outfit! :)

Excited to check out Carrie Colbert’s blog last night and find some wonderful layouts using my Dulce Art Box paper – woohoo! A nice, very cool surprise!

Art Box is the featured paper in this month’s Mosh Posh kit – I am so very proud to report! Be sure to check out all their design teams fabulous creations here.

And here’s a layout using Art Box that I created for CHA and finally got around to scanning.

Yep, I’m a happy girl!


I will try and post my upcoming class preview tomorrow – I will be teaching at Scrap It! this Saturday at 11am. We’re doing a cute little mini-album using…you guessed it…the new Art Box collection! :)