Sittin’ on the sidelines with a jar of honey.

Here I am. Missing in action for awhile.Wow only, like my fifth post this month. I’ve been busy. And sometimes not. And all the times I haven’t been busy, I’ve found something else to do, and in turn make myself busy again. So here I am home sick...

Fall Workshop at Scrap It!

A quick drive-by post to let you know of the big Fall Workshop planned at Scrap It in October!Limited to only 40 – so reserve your spot ASAP! Announcing the… FABULOUS FUN-FILLED FALL WORKSHOP Saturday, October 21st 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Hardee Harr Harr

Found this – so funny, so clever, a music video on the rise! :) Ever heard of synchronized treadmill dancing? rocks! I promise an update real, real...

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