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My Boys.

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Came across this photo from a few months back. It’s blurry but love it anyway.

Love my boys.


In other news, Fall seems to have come and gone overnight. We’ve had frost a few times at night this week and on the way home tonight (in the DARK…grr…hate winter evenings…) I noticed that alot of the trees had already lost their leaves….sigh…

Time for sweatshirts and blankets, cozy nights on the couch with hot buttered rum…mmm…

Come to think of it, that doesn’t sound so bad. :)

Another great Fall day.

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Unbelievable weather on Saturday. Couldn’t get any better than a crisp Fall day at 71 degrees.

Had a great time teaching at the Fall workshop at ScrapIt. 43 students – my biggest class ever. It was great and I hope they had fun too. I’ll post the pages later this week.

On the way home from class, I couldn’t stop admiring all the pretty trees along the way…I just had to get outside in it. B and I packed up the dog and headed to Long Hunter State Park – about 15 mins. down the road from us for a little hike and some photos.

I had used some birthday money to get a new lens for my camera. A lot of scrappers use it as an everyday lens, but it’s more of a portrait lens. I can see why they like it so much – though it’s going to take some getting used to… got a few good shots out of the many I took (I was too far away on most). Practice makes perfect, right?

Here are some favorites (though they look better at full resolution vs. 72dpi)…




And a shining example of how Rocco refuses to sit and take a picture with his "Mom." I can never get any sort of picture with this dog…. ;)


And today I’m going to do something I haven’t in awhile…scrapbook just for me! ;)

Walking in Memphis

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Here in Memphis for work…had some client meetings..just a quick overnight trip. Last night we went to Beale St. and had the BEST ribs ever at BB King’s Club (in case you’re going to ask, Rendez Vous was closed…maybe I’ll make it there on my next trip). :)  And the live band….oh my goodness…SO talented. Lot’s of Marvin Gaye…Otis Redding…Al Green…I’m always constantly amazed by the talent of the musicians in Tennessee. This is my second trip to Memphis for work….such a neat city. Reminds me a lot of downtown Nashville, but there are very distinct differences…music, food….

Need to come back with Brandon (and my camera) for a little weekend trip…so many cool buildings around downtown…and of course, we need to visit Graceland. :)

A Good Weekend.

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Wow, what a good weekend. Got a ton of stuff done around the house…lots of projects, lots of over-due cleaning. Feels good!

I wrote the other day about how much I’m enjoying the Fall season…So, I’ve been taking pictures of different Fall & Halloween themed items around the house that I love. Maybe make a little album with it? The first and top of my list is this wreath on our door. I don’t think our door has gone without some holiday themed wreath since we moved in! I just love them. I find my favorites at Home Goods. Good stuff!

November Class


And before I go back to lining the bathroom cupboards and drawers with liners…haha…the class schedule for November has been posted at Scrap It. Be sure to sign up soon for my SEI Holiday Chipboard Album class on November14! Albums are limited! It’s sure to be a good time (and I just LOVE that adorable SEI paper). Hopefully my class will have better pictures than I do…Christmas pictures just aren’t that great unless you have a bunch of little kids in them! ;) Ah, the perils of a childless scrapbooker! ;)


Have a great rest of Sunday….oh, and GO SAN DIEGO CHARGERS! ;)