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Room With A View.

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They really hooked Lauren & Matt up with an incredible view at the Paris. I’ve been in/stayed in a lot of Strip hotels in my day, and I can say this is definitely one of the good ones! We were able to watch the Bellagio fountains go off all morning long…


Token makeup table shot ;) Cool chair in the background too! ;)


Lauren had her very own ‘Harry Winston’ jewels – well a family friend anyway – let her borrow this GORGEOUS pearl and diamond set.


I like this one I caught of the boys…getting ready to head downstairs to gamble a bit and shake off some of Matt’s jitters – then again he doesn’t look too nervous…

Ah, yes and there’s my guy up front looking at me, thinking, "is there going to be a camera in my face like this in 8 months?…I’m so not cool with this…"


Miss thang gettin’ her hair ‘did.


Us lovely bridesmaids…totally loved my ‘do! Her hair guy was a total pro and super fun too!


Do good genes run in this family or what?!? Beautiful Mom and one of the many family friends that stopped by. (Happy to catch them laughing with no blur…er…pay no attn to family friends left hand…)  ;)


Yep – she’s still the same Lauren I’ve known since we were 15 years old…. ;)


Sadly, my only shot of her in the veil – and is much too dark – and was pretty much only working in black and white. Darn window. Pretend I was aiming for a silohuette type portrait, okay?!! ;D 


All in all, pretty happy with my results of my ameteur pre-wedding shooting. It’s so true that you snap a way a ton but only end up with a dozen or handful that you really like and can ‘play’ with. And thank goodness for Photoshop! Totally loving all the fun things you can tweak with every photo.

Hugs to you Mrs. Huber! ;)

I owe a lot of my photoshopping skills to this wonderful little action set I recommend to anyone!  (Works with full version Photoshop only.)

Back & Tired!

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Back home and still catching up on sleep, work, life! But I can say without a doubt that we had SO MUCH fun at Lauren & Matt’s wedding. Oh my goodness! I don’t think I’ve danced as much as I did at a wedding before (the champagne was great too! wink, wink!).

I left the picture taking to her pros, but snapped a few getting ready shots that I’ll share later. Excited to see a preview on their photographers blog today. Aren’t they a great looking couple?!? The bridal party – 4th photo down – there’s me second from the right – doing our sexy serious pose! ;)

Updated: a quick photo from a guest:


CHA Sneak Peek #2

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Wow it’s been a busy week around here! Getting ready for one of my best friend’s that I’ve known since high school’s wedding in Las Vegas this weekend. She is getting married at the most gorgeous place in all of Las Vegas, here. It’s going to be so fun and so perfect! I can’t lie that I’m not nervous about walking down that aisle as a bridesmaid. I always feel like the whole ceremony thing is a blur – but in a good way! ;)

Anyway, in all this busy-ness, I realized I hadn’t shown my other release for CHA that is also this weekend! Can’t wait to get my hands on these samples! Y’all enjoy, those of you who are going to the show! ;)


For Sale: Scrappin’ Furniture

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If any of the locals in the Nashville area are interested…lots of scrappin’ funky vintage furniture needs a new home!

Antique Farmhouse/Sawhorse Table ~6′ long. The best scrapping table ever! It was orig. painted brown when I found it an antique store. I sanded it and applied some walnut stain, and sanded some of the edges for a worn look. Lovingly used but in great condition! $50 UPDATED: SOLD


2 Pier One Imports Wrought Iron Racks – I used these as a "hutch" on the desk. Perfect for a dozen colorful bowls I picked up at various TjMaxx’s and Marshalls. The bowls aren’t for sale, but I promise you’d be able to start your own collection – I usually see those bowls for around $1.99 each. The iron racks are about 3′ tall and are very solid for heavy weight use. $20 each SOLD


Side table with drawers. Perfect for cutting paper on, and storing supplies in. The baskets shown with it aren’t for sale, but I do have some other fun colorful baskets and buckets from Pier One I’ll send with it for free! Bought a year ago from Marshalls for around $89.  SOLD


Matching mini side table (made of same materials, color wood, handles, etc). I used it for holding my printer at times, other times as a side table for frames and a lamp. SOLD


2 Jumbo Art Paper Clips – perfect for holding your favorite layouts for display on the wall! $5 each. SOLD


Antique Sewing Table – another authentic vintage piece we sanded down and stained walnut. We’ve used for many a purpose of the years, telephone stand/table, tv stand, scrapbook table, mini computer desk, sewing table. $15 – UPDATED: SOLD

A very old photo of the sewing table from my two peas gallery when I showed off my orig. scraproom 3 years ago!:


Hey look the farmhouse table back then & the paper clips!


And another way I used the racks – spice jars held little trinkets.


Email me at amberamcdonald at yahoo dot com if you’re interested!

$175 for all – and I have some PierOne baskets and totes, and a stool to throw in too!

**UPDATED: Everything is sold! Thanks! :)