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Showers of Giddy-ness

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Less than 24 hours and I will be in Las Vegas for one fun-filled very GIRLY weekend!

4 years ago, this chica was being showered with good wishes…


And now it’s my turn! :)

But you know the real reason why I shared this photo?! Because I had to point out the adorable Barbie cake. You see it there in all it’s glory!?!?

When my Mom and Breanne first asked anything particular I would like at the shower, my first two words uttered were of course, "BARBIE CAKE."

Yes, one of my very own.

I have never had one of my own.

I remember my cousin’s communion barbie cake back in 1984. I was sooo jealous.

And the search has been on for my Mom for the right Barbie for months now. It seems that BRUNETTES don’t get as much love on the shelves as the blondes. HMPFH! But she came through – found a Disney’s Belle from Beauty and the Beast….and all is good in the world again.

Yes I really did devote this entire post to my Barbie bride cake.

In other things to look forward to this weekend, we are staying at the Mirage. And we have VIP admission to Bare – their european pool area…you can take a guess at what happens there my little sweet southern belle friends!!! ;)

Not to worry.
I brought sunblock. 

See ya Monday! 

The double digit countdown…

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Not sure if anyone still reads this since I have been so bad about updating it. :) The website I’ve got a lot of wedding planning help from, the sends me reminder emails once a month with checklists and countdowns…and today I received my 3 MONTHS AWAY email. 95 days officially left. Crazy!

Still many small things to be planned, but first, I am so excited for next week to see all the girls and family in Las Vegas! Mom and the bridesmaids have outdone themselves with the shower and bachelorette party!

In other news I hired a personal trainer yesterday…turns out he was on the NBC boxing show The Contender a few years back with our very own Joey Gilbert from UNR. Too funny. We watched that show religiously that year rooting Joey on. He’s going to whip my bootie into shape so I can lose those 15-20lbs I want to get rid of in the next 3 months! I have a feeling it’s going to be very tough working out with him… he already told me I will be sorry I ever hired him. Haha!

And a few Mosh Posh layouts from June…have some cards to share too but the scanner has been acting funny for me lately…argh….

Saturday + Sunday = Funday

Brandon and his Dad – so much alike! :)

No visit to Nashville is complete without a visit to Cracker Barrel!

Weeks later…

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I’m here! Just busy as ever, you know the deal. Lots of scrapbook pages, photos and wedding stuff to share. Headed to Memphis for work for a few days…and always looking forward to the weekend! My job is keeping me busy than ever before and I’m in very much need of a vacation!!!!

Here’s a few undedited photos from Memorial Day camping…goodness that was almost a month ago wasn’t it???



And what’s camping without a little spiked watermelon for the adults??? ;)


Check y’all lata!