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Sigh of relief and exhaustion…

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Just got home from Vegas today. I think I’ve been to my "old home" almost every 45 days this year whether for work or pleasure, and it’s been exhausting! This time it was for work. And work we did, as well as induldge at a couple of very nice restaurants (side perk to going with work, I don’t eat at these nice places on my own!)…

Last night was dinner at MIX at the top of THE Hotel at Mandalay Bay. Stunning decor (Click here to see a photo). Amazing view of the strip.

One thing I have come to recognize is that dining out at these fancy places sometimes makes you think you’re important or that you are among special people. And I absolutely hate that. It’s almost a fantasy world when you walk into these places or ultra-lounges and the wait staff fall over every word you say. I find myself slowly drifting toward those thoughts and then later on the plane ride back  home to Nashville, I’m so happy I’m away from that lifestyle that Vegas is. I would definitely get sucked up into it and end up probably an alcoholic plastic-augmented, road hard gal by the time I was 30. No thanks.

I’ve also come to find when I go to dinner with clients, I take their lead on the ordering (or usually they order for the whole table anyway) and try to keep an open mind about trying new things. I shared a bit of my sea bass with a sales guy next to me and he shared with me some sort of "beef tenderloin with truffle and foi gras". I’m happily muching away, still trying to figure out what exactly was the odd appetizer that was placed in front of me earlier that I came to find out was some sort of caviar cream cheese concoction, when one of the clients across from me makes a snide remark about the 600 calories that were probably in every bite of the fatty duck liver topping that tenderloin.

Yes friends.
That steak I was eating was topped with seared FATTY DUCK LIVER.
I wanted to PURGE at that very moment.
My stomach will never be the same ever again. The thought of it in my mind (I can still see it, smell it and remember the texture) churns my stomach.

No more foi gras EVER AGAIN for me.

PS – I did have my Nashville Bachelorette party last weekend that was a huge highlight!! I didn’t have my camera (Brandon stole it for his bachelor weekend), so I’m waiting on the gals to share theirs….
Here’s a sneak peek though (and the cute hat they made me!)


7 Random Things…

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I’ve been tagged by Megan to blog seven random things about me…(I bet you didn’t know!) :)

1. I think diet coke goes great with doritos or pretzels. They go hand-in-hand in my book.

2. I am fascinated, border-line obsessed, with weather…I love the weather channel, always have wanted to see a tornado or experience a hurricane for myself. I missed my calling as a meterologist I suppose.

3. I hate when people drive in the car pool (I think it’s called something like HVAC lane in the South- or something like that! LOL!)  lane when they don’t have 2+ people. RUDE people.

4. On the same note, I find it unnerving to cross the street when the red hand is flashing or not at the designated pedestrian area. Must be my Las Vegan mind set (where taxis will RUN you over).

5. Fall is my favorite season and Halloween is my favorite holiday. The pumpkins, the apples, the leaves, the decor…it is the best!

6. I wish I had a giant 100-year old oak tree in my backyard (or front would be nice too). I would tie a swing on it. :)

7. I hated anything spicy when I was a kid…I even thought onions or black pepper seasoning was hot…now, I am the complete opposite – I love hot n’ spicy! The more flavor the better!

Alright, that was semi-tough to think up! I’m tagging the other two Amber’s now. Amber #1 and Amber #2, you’re up! ;) And I will throw another "A" name in there for good measure…Ali, you’re due for some blogging too!

Hoping and Wishing and Praying…

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Had a nail biting week watching Hurricane Dean trek across the caribbean. Our honeymoon is in Cancun and we knew we were taking a gamble going in September. But, we figure we can’t live our lives planning around things out of our hands, so we booked it anyway. So far so good…the worst is below the main Cancun area. Hoping that no other hurricanes brew in the next five weeks and head that direction!

Also hoping and wishing for some returned RSVPs soon! Deadline is tomorrow and I need to get the guest count under control. I think I have a good 40 replies or so outstanding. The little moments of bridezilla-ness are coming out here and there… ;)

37 Days…

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And I’m feeling good. 37 days until I am a Mrs. Housley!


Feeling like I’m on cruise control, taking care of this, sending out that, it’s going pretty smooth. After the invitations went out I felt a big sigh of relief! I’ve had fun designing and creating all sorts of fun things for the wedding…today I printed out menu cards in the morning and will finish trimming those up this week…then on to the programs…little by little getting things done (and of course loving every minute of it!). Love having a little design and motif to carry throughout the whole event design…definitely up my alley, but you probably already knew that didn’t you? ;)

Next up, dress alterations (I have two sources who work quickly!) maybe some new makeup for the day of, a few rehearsal items and other minor details for the wedding…can’t believe it’s all coming together.

Over and over I had wanted to document my thoughts and activities over the course of this planning, but of course, time got away from me. I’m going to try and be active and maybe jot something down each and every day for the last 30 days. We’ll see how it goes..could make a fun little book! ;)

PS – coming home to mail whether it be an RSVP or a box IS SO MUCH FUN. Yes, I shamelessly just said that.

Dog Days of Summer

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Yep, I called my Mom last week to let her know it was HOTTER IN NASHVILLE THAN VEGAS.

It is sadly true. 100+ temperatures here s-u-c-k. They have no place here. And it’s been at least 3 weeks of this heat wave.

The trees are all turning brown and losing their leaves, the grass is brown EVERYWHERE. Brandon won’t let me drive and check out our wedding venue because he is afraid of what I will find (I don’t think they exactly have sprinklers at 100 yr old+ plantations.) Ugh.

And poor Rocco. We’ve been making arrangements for him during the day for neighbors to let him in the house during the worst part of the afternoon when we’re at work. I guess he isn’t in that too bad of shape in the A/C though. ;)