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A Delightful Day! :)

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So, my previously posted "new adventure" officially began this week! Yesterday was a 12 hour day assisting at what I love best – special events! :)


The website I designed is up and running and so is our blog too! For those that attended our wedding, the super sweet and organized Mary Alice Sublett was our day of coordinator. A few weeks ago we got together to meet about how I could take her business to the next level and how I could be a part of it. And here we are!

Not giving up my day job just yet – but my weekends are going to get considerably more busy come next Spring! And you can bet I’m going to have some really GOOD stories of all the crazy things that can happen at a wedding or other event… ;)

A Delightful Day – Event Planning –

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Happy Fall!

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Brrrr!!! 54 today on the drive home! I need to unpack my winter clothes…of course, this is Tennessee, so next week we could be back in shorts and tshirts, the weather is so unpredicatble!

Still no further updates on my in-law’s house in Rancho Bernardo (San Diego). They have moved into a nearby hotel today and are waiting till they can be let in to their neighborhood to see for themselves. It has been so frustrating the last couple of days…at first there was such a lack of news coverage here. People I talked to about it didn’t seem all that interested…likely because many of them had never even been to southern California or even knew how bad this really could be. I feel so bad for the ones that know their homes are gone. With tornados or hurricane you sometimes have something to come back to. With fires, there is nothing. So sad…

But anyway…let’s move to some other stuff!

1. My parents have booked their tickets to visit us here in December! Yay!

2. I have begun a new adventure that I am really excited about and will be able to share soon! (And NO, I’m not pregnant! Ha!)

3. We ate at the (Nashville) famous Loveless Cafe last weekend with our friends and their two kids. While we waited the 2 hours for our pager to go off (yes, the wait really is that long!), we took a few shots outside the little shops around the cafe…a gorgeous Fall day (75 degrees!)






Brandon and I believe that the greatest foods to come out of The South are biscuits and hashbrown casserole! Ha! Thank goodness we don’t induldge in them too often, but if we’re ever going to eat at a Southern place, we definitely order those for sure.

And then, a few pics from my Halloween Bunco party. I love our Bunco girls! We started our group over a year ago and I barely knew any of these ladies except three of them who were just acquaintances at work. But now, they are good friends and I look forward to our gathering each month!


The fountain was a hit – THANKS MOM!



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So far, my in-law’s house has not appeared on the burn list of addresses in Rancho Bernardo. 300 homes have burned to the ground in their neighborhood. Still unsure of when they’ll get to go back…the Witch Fire, which is closest to them is still at 1% containment.

My brother-in-law and his family in Poway are packed and ready to go when they get evacuation notice. Here’s hoping they don’t.

Thanks for all the special thoughts and prayers – we appreciate them!! More news when we have it.

Prayer Request

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Brandon’s family have been evacuated from their Rancho Bernardo home in San Diego this morning due to the numerous wildfires. They were only able to take a few photos from the piano, important papers and their cats before firefighters rushed them out of their house. They are safe (closer to the coast) and staying at a family’s house, but their home is in great danger along with thousands of others.

It’s so sad to hear reports from them about how much worse this is than the Cedar fire a few years ago (that was the worst fire in 100 years). They reported seeing horses running on 1-15 from ranchers who are letting their animals go free so they have a chance to survive.  Firefighters are also fighting to save the San Diego Wild Animal park (near their house) because they have no place to transport all the exotic animals.

My brother in law’s girlfriend’s parents house is only one of two houses that are standing after the fire ripped through their neighborhood overnight in Ramona. Her dad is a retired firefighter and spent all night on the roof with a garden hose.

Please keep our family (and the rest of the people in so. calif) in your prayers today. Thanks!

Potpurri o’ fun!

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Just a few random things to share…

1st, Rocco’s adorable Halloween costume this year! Yo-Ho-Yo-Ho A Pirate’s Life for Me!
Brandon really wants to get me my own little lap dog one day so I can leave Rocco alone. He looks so serious in this photo because Brandon is waving a doggie treat by my head for me to get this picture. :)


A few fall decor pieces (a TINY fraction of the Halloween decor explosion that our house is). More of that in a later post!




And…I never have shown off our guest room. It is right at the top of the stairs and the print on this bedspread is always so cheerful. Brandon still can’t believe I talked him into purchasing something so GIRLY and PINK for that room and wants to switch it out, but I love it! I found the idea of putting various photo frames along the perimeter of a room/wall from a Pottery Barn catalog. It was only until the wedding last month that I put photos in there! Those were all empty frames for over a year! (you could say I have trouble following through with things ;) ) I ended up putting pictures from Nashville tourist places that we’ve taken family to. It seems fitting since the only people who stay in here are from out of town. :)

Just a glimpse…this is the view as you come up the stairs. ;)


I hosted our monthly Bunco last night at our house and I’m soooo tired! It was too much fun! 16 girls, bottles of wine, tons of yummy snacks, a chocolate fountain, and gambling! What could be better?!! ;)

I scrapped 5 honeymoon pages today! Hoping to do more this weekend and share with y’all. :)