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Here I am with a dozen of things that I should really be doing this Tuesday evening and instead I thought I’d sketch out via Photoshop the wall collage planned for wedding pics! I purchased the frames this past weekend, and I’m hoping to have them up and ready for the holiday season in the next week.

In no way perfect sizing or spacing, but a rough idea of how it will look on our staircase (the only spot left in the house for photos – I already have plastered the house with photos!)…


Oh yeah and here’s our slide show from our amazing photographers, Dove Wedding Photography:

I promise to end the wedding photo postings! ;)

Ok next up Puerto Rico Part #2 and other fun stuff I’m working on… 

Puerto Rico – not so Rico – Part 1

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So…many are all wondering how our trip to Puerto Rico was. The best way to sum it all up was – no matter how much was thrown at us, we survived. Thanks goodness we were traveling with another couple, our friends Matt & Joyce. We all agreed had we gone on our individual selves, our marriages would be over.

Let’s see…it rained about 80% of the time we were there. I was EATEN ALIVE by every bug known (but not very visible to the eye) – mosquitos, sand fleas, etc. I look like I’ve had chicken pox and they STILL itch. UGH! We went on a scuba dive excursion one day only for me to get SEA SICK and I only was able to dive the first tank – the other half of the trip I was gripping on to the side poles for dear life when I wasn’t hanging my head of the side. In search of sun, we took a 1 1/2 hour long ferry ride to an off-cost island where we encountered 8′ swells along the way and we all started to turn green. At this said island, it was a ghost town. We could find no one to serve us food or drink because of the holiday. We took an itty bitty plane to get back on mainland. Lastly, we felt completely ripped off by everyone everywhere we went.

But hey, I got some nice photos!  They make it look like it was paradise the whole time! ;)


The first rainy day we headed to Old Town San Juan to check out the stores and the old Spanish forts…

I loved this door! Sadly Brandon wasn’t cooperating with photo-taking; he could totally tell this pose came from our wedding photographers Dove. Ha!


Thank goodness Joyce is like me and loves to eat the "local" food when traveling. We were all over Old town just trying to find the perfect place for breakfast. We found it! I think were the only non-locals in there. Mmmmm…this was the best! Some sort of pastry bread grilled with ham and cheese, then topped with powdered sugar. Never had anything like it before. And the coffee was pretty awesome the whole trip. Matt made us all espresso drinkers by the end (with milk of course for Brandon and I).


So many cool doors in Old Town. This was my favorite. Old town reminded me a lot of New Orleans – minus the rotten milk smell, crack heads and kids tap dancing with bottle caps on their shoes!


Pastry shop window – mmmmm!


View from one of the forts in Old Town.


Cool window in the fort…


More recap tomorrow of the rest of our trip in San Juan/Isla Verde and then on to the other part of the island WHERE THE TRIP GOES FURTHER DOWNHILL.



Oliver is home!

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Thanks for the prayers – they were answered when our neighbor and friend Bryan, spotted Oliver by a house at the entrance of our neighborhood at 6am this morning. A far distance but he had three days travel, so it makes sense.

We brought him home and was appreciative for all of about 10 minutes and now is up to his usual antics – playing in the Christmas tree and hollering all over the house.

It’s good to have him home. We now return to our regular programming. :)

When it rains, it pours…

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If you are local to the Mt. Juliet area and possibly on our side of town (by the new high school) please keep your eyes out for our Oliver. He went missing yesterday and after searching our neighborhood till 2:30am, and up again at 6am, we have had no luck. He is a strict indoor only cat because he is declawed. He was wearing no tags (his collar was giving him a rash lately, argh) but is an AVID chip wearer. It is cold and rainy so we are hoping a nice person is letting him stay with them. More flyers to go up in the morning…I’m posting this just about everywhere I can to get the word out to find our guy. More prayers please!



And sadly, I found out yesterday that my parent’s dog and my childhood cocker spaniel, Misty, was hit by a car on Thanksgiving and later was put to sleep due to a severed spine and internal bleeding.

Finally, I’ve been following the blog of the Lyons Family and their courageous fight with cancer over the past few months. I am so sad to find that Julie had passed yesterday in her sleep. She was such a fighter and though I’ve only known them as a visitor to their blog, I feel a great sense of sadness for the Lyon family and friends. Prayers of comfort to them.

A heavy heart this weekend.

THEY have arrived…the photos!

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full slideshow will be available from Dove Wedding Photography tomorrow… THEY are all my favorite!

we head for 6 days in Puerto Rico on Sunday at 6am and I have a wedding all day tomorrow (and get to hang out with Dove for that wedding too!) I will try to check in before but it’s a crazy next 48 hours till beach time!

I am in love with my husband and wedding all over again. :)