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They arrive at midnight tonight! So I will be busy with lots of relaxing family time doing a whole lotta nothing.

Oh, I do have NINE DOZEN cookies to bake for my party on Saturday.

And I need tape. To finish wrapping presents.

And sleep, lots of sleep. It was BUNCO last night, and I had too much fun. Up till midnight fun.

Did a lot of design stuff all day yesterday. My mind is not feeling creative today. Thank goodness my day job includes a lot of bossing around and not much creativity.

Oh! Don’t forget to check our A Delightful Day blog! Hurrah! We are posting regularly now. Go get your fill of wedding talk if you weren’t sick of mine already. ;) And be sure to leave us a comment. Bloggers LOVE comments!

Oh and another thing! Our wedding was featured on this great new source for Middle TN brides…:

Our name in LIGHTS!


Am I weird today or what? ;)

Check y’all next week!


Git ‘er done!

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That has been my goal of the last few days….

Several large projects on my lap right now and I had/have a few small things that needed to get out of the way first…

1. Christmas Shopping – 75% complete!

2. Holiday Cards – 99.9% complete! (.9% unsure if I got everyone!) :) Since those went in the mail today, here’s a peek at them:


I designed them adjusting the colors from an old scrapbook paper I designed Then I formatted them to a size of oversize postcard and had them printed via My new favorite online printing company! 100 postcards (yes, I have dozens leftover, but that was the smallest qty.) + envelopes + 100 return address labels (designed those too) = $48! A deal in my eyes! And of course, the photography by 

3. We have some new blog posts up at More to come this week!

4. Thank you cards went out last week from the wedding!

5. Wedding photo collage hung and complete. Have a couple FPO photos until the nicer ones come in from the photographer.

  Still have a good sized to-do list, but I’m gettin’ er done!

In the swing of things…

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Not a whole much to say! Just really busy getting out thank you cards and Holiday cards in the same week! :) I’ll share our Holiday card just as soon as the recipients have a chance to receive theirs. This year will be known as the year of the "wedding". I promise, I won’t blanket everyone with wedding photos any further. ;)

Here’s a cute photo of Rocco from last Christmas…he loves getting new stuffed octopus’ every year (that now have an average lifetime of 3 days before they are dissected and strewn all over the house).


Lot’s of fun parties and gatherings on the horizon!

Heading Home (TN)

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Heading home from  home.

Las Vegas to Nashville that is. ;)

Was here for a couple of days for work. Can’t wait to see my husband and our little critters and hang out in the family room enjoying the Christmas decorations when I get home tonight.

Soooo tired. Many meetings and dinners, but managed to get 2 hours of shopping time in at my favorite mall in all the land: The Fashion Show mall. I was in bliss. ;)

And my room wasn’t too shabby either. Still, it didn’t come with my husband NOR a big yellow lab curled up at our feet. So in that case, it sucked.