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Today’s Lunch brought to you by…

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So I was in Target this afternoon during the lunch hour picking up a new day planner….and Baby in my tummy starts screaming that it is HUNGRY and it is hungry NOW. The Lean Cuisine in the office freezer was all but forgotten when I laid my eyes on my favorite Sweet and Spicy tuna (that I haven’t had in ages!)….along with some crackers to eat it with…and my old time favorite Vegetarian Vegetable soup…

I’m back at the office now and in *total* heaven.

Totally random lunch and totally pregnant. :)


18 week update

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So here we are at week 18! :) 6 days until we know if it’s a boy or girl. I still have no instinct whatsoever as to what it is, so it will be quite a surprise. I haven’t felt any movements yet and most of my books say it could be any time between now and week 20, so I’m looking forward to that!

I think my tummy officially "popped" this week. I think I look more pregnant now with the rounder tummy. I’ve also been wearing more regular t-shirts (just in a larger size) than maternity tops this week…makes me feel so much better for whatever reason. Maybe because it shows off the bump more so I’m broadcasting to the world "bump not plump." ;)

Brandon and I have begun our research for the registry…we’re planning on registering next Saturday on my birthday (yay) and then going somewhere yummy for lunch or dinner of my choosing. Let the research begin! (The research I’ve done is for restaurants…I am pregnant and have priorities ya know).

Speaking of food, here are my current cravings or items that I am eating quite frequently these days…

Oatmeal for breakfast with pumpkin pie spice sprinkled on it.
Pumpkin Pie Spiced Lattes – and I’ve switched the decaf. :)
Kraft Zesty Italian dressing on any sort of salad or veggie.
Green apples paired with cheddar cheese slices.
"Happy cow" milk. That’s what I call it anyway. ;)

As for this weekend, it is filled with some errands and various house construction things to do…I’ll share another photo of the house on Monday. We are completely framed and have most windows. Yay.


Fresh Flowers & Stale Cake.

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It was a perfect anniversary!

Beautiful flowers delivered..they are an exact match to our wedding flowers and my bridal bouquet. To say I love them would be an understatement. I LOVE LOVE them. Carry Ann does such great work and is the sweetest florist – I see her a lot on weekends since we recommend her to our clients at A Delightful Day after I had such a great experience working with her. :)


And the stale cake topper. Oh yes, I had dozed off during our winning Chargers Monday night football game (thanks Baby Housley), and Brandon woke me up insisting it was bad luck if we didn’t have a bite of our wedding cake.


Well, we are good on "good luck"…even though the lemon cake and raspberry jam filling tasted more  freezer burned than anything….yuck! A single bite was all either of us could muster.

Thanks for all the anniversary wishes. :)

One year ago today…

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The flowers had been delivered…



The programs laid out on the ceremony benches…


The tables were set…


The cake ready to be cut…


The candles were lit…


With my pink shoes…


I was on my way…


To our happily ever after…


And we danced, and we celebrated by the light of the moon…


And never wanted the evening to end.


But every day gets better and more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined being a wife could be. I thank God you were the one chosen for me in this life together.

Happy 1st Anniversary Brandon, I love you!      


More Love for Fall

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Oh yes, the Fall-ness continues. I did a blog posting on our A Delightful Day blog featuring Fall Wedding Ideas.


However we don’t have any recent clients to use the inspiration for. Most of the fall month bride’s these days are choosing their own color scheme rather than the season’s. Hopefully I’ll get a traditional one soon! ;)

For your viewing pleasure!