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30 Weeks.

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I feel good! Gifts for the family and holiday cards are off to the post office today…I'm going to hit the mall this afternoon for a few gifts…and I'm totally jonesing for some baking this weekend! On the list: Mexican Wedding Cookies (or as the gringos call them, Snowballs or Pecan Balls) and the Housley Christmas Sugar Cookies.

We are totally loving the new house! It's really coming together with thanks to my very motivated superhero husband. :) He doesn't waste any time doing anything! I'm hoping to get my office completed in the next week…on the hunt for a rug and some pictures for the wall. I'm right off the main foyer with french doors, so I'm trying to look for something a bit more sophisticated…so I don't run the risk as hubby puts it, "looking like a preschool classroom" with all my crafty stuff. ;)

And while we were unpacking the boxes, we came across fun Xmas hats for dogs! Who doesn't love antlers on a dog??? :) We can't wait for Marley & Me to come out Xmas day…the previews are great! EXACTLY like Rocco…we've been there all before with him…the countless items he destroyed…licking a hole right through the drywall…crazy Lab jumping into the pool the minute anyone would open the door…but we still love our yellow beast!

Happy Friday!

Rocco the Black Nosed Reindeer…


Ho Ho Ho! Conductor of the Santa Express….



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1. I am trying to keep my cool.
2. Little guy is squishing my ribs.
3. The maternity jeans and clothes I've been wearing for months are now becoming too tight…grr…
4. I have holiday cards to send, not sure when I will get to addressing them. I am noticing a new trend in the cards I have received – just a photo inside an addressed envelope, no signed message. I think I may follow suit this year.
5. I am pondering how I will get all the family presents wrapped and ready to be shipped tomorrow.
6. I had Jack in the Box. I am officially sick of fast food, even if I am pregnant.
7. Was another dreary winter day in Nashville.
8. HHGregg service guy came buy to document the scratches to the floors and walls the delivery guys did on Friday. I am officially annoyed.
9. I woke up scared…thinking about how the baby coming in less than 10 weeks. Yikes!
10. I reminded myself that despite all the chaos, I am blessed.

28 week photo.

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Well I'm overdue on the tummy photos for family…and wow this one is a doozie. ;) White truly is not a slimming color – LOL. Couple that with the rule that you should always take photos from above for a slimmer look, and this was taken with a self timer on a packing box…I think I look bigger in this pic that I truly am. Eh, que sera sera…

I have been awful about keeping up with my pregnancy journal…(and these weekly photos). But here are a few random highlights of the last couple of weeks…

1. B makes me (and him) a delicious ice cream sundae just about every evening.
2. B doesn't see the affects of these sundaes because he has lost like 12lbs and is totally ripped from P90X Workout that he has been doing since I've been pregnant. Thanks honey for transferring it all to me! ;)
3. I can no longer tie my shoelaces…B does it for me…or I just wear lots and lots of cute flats! :) (Which doesn't work in cold weather…) :(
4. Our rental, which is already full of moving boxes, has tons of baby boxes too (stroller, playpen, activity mat, etc) that I can't wait to open and put together in the new house…it will be like Christmas!
5. We're now waffling around on deciding the baby's name….sorry little guy! We thought we had it all figured out, but now not so sure…not sure how long this will go on for.
6. I'm bummed I don't have a picture of the two of us from the last month or two to use for a holiday card…
7. I'm starting to feel very much like large marge. My back and feet are letting me know this too.
8. I need a pedicure desperately…I can't reach my toes!
9. We sign closing docs TOMORROW!
10. We have a new home TOMORROW!

The homestretch!

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We are in the final stretch of little Baby Colin…third trimester starts this week! Here's what size he is now, a chinese cabbage!


He moves around all day long now…sometimes little movements in the car and sometimes shoving right up into my ribcage when I'm on the couch watching TV at night. He probably doesn't like reality tv like his Daddy. ;)  He is also an early riser like his Daddy and pummels me in the morning to get out of bed.

Between baby, Brandon and Rocco, it's safe to say no sleep is to be had for the next 18 years.

P.S. – 5 more days till we get the keys to the house!!