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The Countdown is On…

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Had to share this hilarious card…which inspires me to share a list What I Will Miss/Not Miss About Being Pregnant…

What I Will Miss…
1. All his little thumps and bumps and shakes in my belly.
2. Indulging in just about every sweet or fatty food without regard to the outcome.
3. Pregnancy kindness…people and strangers are just generally nicer and kinder to a pregnant lady.
4. An excuse to wear flats and jeans just about every day.
5. An excuse for not sharing in the kitty litter box duty.

What I Will Not Miss…
1. Feeling so large and constantly sore (back, feet, stomach, head).
2. Getting up all hours of the night to pee.
3. Not being able to partake in adult beverages.
4. Full panel jeans, scratch that, my entire maternity wardrobe.

35 Weeks

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So here we are at 35 weeks and I'm baring the belly for all….HA! I think my 5'3" self just may tip over one of these days…

We have been busy preparing for our little one's arrival in the next couple of weeks. The nursery is about done (pictures to come in the next week or so), all the clothes have been washed and put away and the registries have been fufilled thanks to so many kind and loving friends and family!

We have also been busy interviewing pediatricians the last couple days. My third appointment with a practice is tomorrow and then it's decision time. It's been an interesting experience, I feel such a sense of responsibility like I have never experienced before. One topic that has weighed heavy at all the appointments is the topic of vaccinations. I will first put it out on the table that I am in no way against them or do not plan to not fully vaccinate my child 100%, because I do plan on it, I'm just wary of it all, and keep wanting to find more information and answers on the best way to go – for me and my family. This is not a topic that Brandon and I agree 100% on either, which makes it difficult to discuss with doctors and him who both mockingly refer to Jenny McCarthy or Dr. Sears…however, all the doctors have so far supported the idea of a modified schedule if I choose to, they just don't necessarily agree with it. My mind still isn't made up…I just want to make the best decision possible and not have any regrets if the future. We will see…

On another note, a friend passed along this prayer request this morning that I thought I'd share with my little army of readers. Please send one up for this little 8 year old boy here in Tennessee, and if you feel inclined to do so, leave a little donation for his family to spend time with him these last couple of months he has left: Team Jake.


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So after I added the guesstimator on baby Colin's arrival to the blog (see the left sidebar), a reader kindly remembered I never picked a winner for guessing if baby was a boy or girl! (See post: Countdown to the big reveal!) So without further ado…6 months later we have a winner…

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-01-22 02:18:02 UTC

"Aimster-KY" not only was the 11th poster, but she got it right (BOY!) after lots of lots of guesses of it being a girl. :) "Aimster", email me your address so I can get something out to you before this baby gets here (and I forget!).

Drive By Posting…

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Hey! I'm here…just really busy…had a FABULOUS baby shower on Saturday that I can't wait to share photos of…Mom's visit was great…back to the busy work week on Monday, had a client meeting over in Chattanooga yesterday (ugh so tiring – there and back in one day), and today is more busy. I'll be back soon!


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First, thanks for all the nice comments about my studio space! A lot of you asked about the paint colors…I wish I could find the paint swatch online, but was having trouble, but if you have a Porter Paint nearby (pretty common here in TN), majority of our house is in "Heavy Cream" and the kitchen and my office is "Spiced Vinegar". They are on the same paint swatch spectrum. :)

Yes, TGI-Thursday! Tomorrow I have the day off because my Mom is on a plane just as I type this…headed here to Nashville! Some friends – Joyce, Mary Alice and Stephanie are throwing me a fabulous baby shower on Saturday, I can't wait!

Not too much new to report. I loved our first birthing class last week and I'm looking forward to tonight's class where we'll tour the maternity ward and nursery as well as learn some labor exercises – fun! :) There are about 10 other couples in our class, and we're all due around the same time which is cool. We also did an infant CPR class on Tuesday, so we're now good on that front…and then next week is our breastfeeding class…whew! This is a whole lot of classes! Making it all the more real with each and every one!

Oh! And I added a little arrival guesstimator to the left column of my blog… be sure to add your guess and I will give a prize to the closest winner! :)

Have a fabulous weekend….and here is a "sweet treat" creatively to share…

2009 Maples Wedding Cakes Website Update

I had the honor of designing Maples Wedding Cakes' website last year and we had the wonderful Whitney Carlson of Dove Wedding Photography  (yes, my wedding photographers) shoot some of owner and designer Jay Qualls' fabulous couture wedding cakes. Did I mention how unbelievably tasty his cakes are too?!?

This year's set of cakes did not disappoint and are even more stunning than the ones we featured in 2008! Be sure to check out to see some of the updates I have made for 2009. Here are a few of my favorites from the new gallery images. Don't these belong in Martha Stewart Weddings???