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Letter : Month Two

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Happy 2 month birthday "baby boy." I can think of a dozen names I call you in row at any given time during the day…"hello mama's little stinker butt" or "what's up stinker butt". I apologize for all the stinky butt references, you really aren't a stinky child, it's just the little ridiculous phrases that come to mind when I chat with you during the day. There's also "little guy," "babies," and even "Pupp-uzz"…yes, somehow the dog's nickname was bestowed upon you as well by your Mama & Daddy. We apologize in advance if you have issues with this later in life.



You are getting bigger each and every day. When we first brought you home, your Daddy asked me if I realized how amazing it was that I alone was keeping you alive each and every day. I didn't realize the enormity of it at the time, but now, every time I cuddle and hold you close at each feeding, I am truly amazed.



You are such a good baby. Everyone seems to comment on that fact. You hardly fuss (unless it's time to eat and you want it NOW or your houdini arms have come out of your swaddle when it's nap time) and just generally go with the flow. We'd like to think we are just these rockstar parents and our parenting skills are just out of this world to produce such a good tempered baby, and all of our book reading, rule following and my internet research has paid off. But, everyone just tells us it's pure luck. How about we agree to a 50/50 split on that one so Daddy can get off my case about my research on what the other Mom's on the message board are doing? ;)



We have caught a few smiles from you lately, or what Daddy and I *think* are smiles. We try really hard to get them out of you on demand, but right now, you seem content just staring away at us and the world. Which is pretty great in itself. I put a Baby Einstein DVD on the TV for you the other day, just to see if it would catch your interest. You pretty much ignored it, so I stood in front of the TV to see if you would then be interested in the colors behind me. Nope. You only cared about one thing: your Mama. I moved to the side, and your gaze would follow me. I moved to the other side of the room, and you turned your head to follow me. I think I'll file away this memory and pull out in a few months or years because I know there will be a day when whatever is on the TV will be whole lot more interesting then me. In the mean time, I feel like #1 Mom.



The past couple of weeks you have been making all sorts of funny noises and expressions. We think you have a lot to say once you get going! :) You really enjoy your ocean themed tummy and playtime mat. You flap your arms and kick your legs ('starting your Harley Davidson' as Daddy calls it) while you chat with the hanging toys or stare at yourself in the mirror.



I go back to work next week and I really haven't given much thought to the reality of it. I've been getting used to our daily routine, and it's going to be tough being away from you for so long, and then cramming all the love and cuddle time into a few precious hours before bed. The last couple of weeks I've been very focused (i.e. a hardass) on getting us toward a decent eat/play/sleep schedule and following Baby Wise book guidelines. We even put you in your crib for just about every nap and bedtime, but as a result of this, both Daddy and I miss snuggling up for a nap with you on the couch that we did the first couple weeks after we brought you home. So this afternoon, while we waited for Daddy to come home from a business trip, you snuggled up on my chest for a good long nap. And it was the best feeling ever. A good reminder that there needs to be a little give and take in this whole parenting journey.

You bring us such joy everyday. Love, Love, Love YOU!


Easter & Grandparent Housley Visit

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Brandon's parents came to visit us and meet their first grandbaby! We headed out to Cheekwood to enjoy some beautiful Spring weather and see all the gardens in bloom.





On Easter Sunday, Colin attended his first church service. He did so good and slept in his peanut shell the whole time. When we took communion, his little head peeked out and the Pastor gave him his first blessing. It was too sweet.


Alas, his original Easter outfit did not survive the whole day, so our back-up was this cute one from Janie & Jack that Brandon's boss' family had got us as a shower gift. It was too cute.


And of course,  my two men were adorable together.



This Easter was extra special not only because it was Colin's first, but it also was the first in our house. So I marked the occasion with a beautiful Easter dinner in the dining room. I was so excited to use our wedding china. Everyone was so worried to use it but me. I'm not content for it to just be on display gathering dust…life's too short to not use it. ;) Joyce and Matt joined us as well…good food, friends and family.



Wedding Bouquet

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I was excited to get a note from Dove Wedding Photography a few months back that one of the photos from our wedding would be published in a national wedding magazine feature article on bridal bouquets. Now Peter & Whitney announced the news that the issue is available now on newsstands.

My beautiful bouquet was by Carry Ann of  Fresh by Carry Ann. In the wedding planning process, I brought to our consultation several inspirational pictures of the bridal bouquet I wanted combined into a singl'e look'…on my list was including my favorite flower, bold pink dahlias. The result was beautiful. :) Consequently, we send a lot of A Delightful Day brides her way.

Nice revisting happy wedding memories! :)

Good friends and good times.

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Last week we were lucky to have my college friend/sorority sister Lauren and her husband Mike visit us for the weekend on their way up to see their family in Ohio. They moved to Pensacola about a year ago and it's sad we haven't gotten together sooner since we're only about 8 hours away from each other (which is super close compared to all of our friends and family that live on the West Coast).

Lauren & Mike are expecting their first little one in June and they are going to be surprised on if it's a boy or a girl. I'm so excited for them! We're planning on a trip to see them this Fall to meet their new baby and visit the beach.

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We had a grill-out on Saturday and it was all talk of babies the entire day (well with the ladies anyway)…me, the new Mom, and then my THREE pregnant friends…we had a lot to chat about. :)

Morgan (due any day now) and Adam we met in our birth class at the hospital a few months ago. Turns out, they live right down the road from us. Their little Samuel is making his debut very soon! Everyone we know is having girls except for Morgan & Adam, so we are excited for Colin's new little buddy.

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Lauren and her bump…due in June….

And Joyce (her bump covered by Colin)….is due with their little girl in August!

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And little guy is getting more animated every day…

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Easter pics to come next!