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Catch up.

So  last time I gave you an update, it was my 4 month letter to Colin. I made it to about 6 months and then I gave up. Or maybe the better word is gave in, to all the other things to just speed on by.

So in the last 5 months…Colin took his first plane ride to San Diego, CA…


There he had his first trip to the zoo – the San Diego Wild Animal Park


Lots of family came to San Diego to see us…all of my family from Vegas drove in…including my sister who met Colin for the first time!


And my Aunt Gail and Aunt Eleanor (who were there the day I was born!) came to meet Colin too!


Then he turned 5 months old…


Celebrated 4th of July with his very first boat ride…


Started eating in a highchair…


And enjoying toys..


In August he turned 6 months old…and becamed skilled in the art of squeals and noises…


And Colin's new girlfriend Meadow was born…


And also became quite skilled in yoga baby poses…


Such a happy go lucky baby…


We enjoyed going to the pool…


And it was especially fun hanging with new friends!


Before you knew it, he was 7 months…


In September, we headed down to Pensacola, FL for Labor Day Weekend and Colin met his other girlfriend Reese!


And we had our first trip to the beach with the Murray's…



Needless to say, that day was really exciting!



Later that month…Grandma and Grandpa Housley decided to move from San Diego and build a new house in Tennessee! So excited to have family here with us!


At the end of September, it was time for flight #2 and we were off to Vegas to see Nana and Papa and celebrate our 2 year anniversary!




Colin even stayed the night at Nana and Papa's for the first time and did so good!


After we left Vegas, we came home to my favorite season of all: FALL!

..more to come!


Hi there!

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Hi there friends, family, internets….

It's been a long time hasn't it? Whew-ee!

I had a commenter awhile back who responded to a posting that she understood why I took these long breaks…she figured I was just off enjoying life! Well, I have been to say the least. When our little man entered our world last February, I had no idea how it would turn everything upside down in an utterly fantastic way. There is soooo much to be learned when you become a parent and I have all these useful pieces of knowledge I never recognized before.

For example:

it is okay to say "nah, not now."
Or, "I'd rather be doing this instead…"
And, "you know what, it doesn't really matter in the big ole scheme of things…"

So that is a peek inside the running commentary in my head as I go through the day.
All of those above comments were probably directed at my blog (among many, many other things that you reprioritze when you become a new parent) at one time or another.

But the truth is, I miss you guys and sharing the picture that is our Nashville life (and documenting it for our own family).

There are so many things that pull me in different directions each day, and I can't make promises that I can't keep, but I'll try to check in just a little more often!

More soon!