Amber Housley

Sunny Smiles

A happy little smile in the midst of a sweltering Summer here in Nashville. Summer has FLOWN by (and really, when does it not?), and already everyone is praying and hoping for Fall to be here. Most who know me well know that this is my most favorite season of all.

But for now we have another good 8 weeks or so before things cool down. I finally got around to downloading some images off the camera and this one from the 4th of July is just so cheerful and representative of his little toddler self these days. 


I've been bad about taking pictures lately. It was as if when he turned 1 that life got put on fast-forward speed and I'm always trying to catch up. Going to make more of an effort to slow down as we head into the holiday season…

What do you, readers, like to do to prep for the season to come? I've heard of people starting their holiday shopping early, some people make lists of favorite must-do activities, plan crafts ahead of time…would love your feedback.

Stay cool!

New Look for Sweet Life Designs

It's been several months in the making – a new logo for Sweet Life Designs!


A collaboration and labor of love with my fellow graphic designer friend Sheri, I really wanted this logo to be perfect and a reflection of me in every possible way.

First, custom calligraphy from this fabulous Etsy artist was the base for us to work from. Sheri worked some Illustrator magic to take it to the next level for a very smooth and brush-like look. I really wanted to incorporate a flower in the logo – and given that my favorite flower is the dahlia – we went that route. Sheri came up with the idea of incorporating a series of hearts to make up the center of the bloom to represent all the sweet occasions that I design for. The color palette is fresh and sweet, exactly what my designs represent! Finally, the tagline, "sweet occasions, southern style" which again, is exactly representative of the Sweet Life Designs niche. 

I'm so excited to unveil this logo and would like to thank all who provided lots of feedback through the various design drafts. I also hope you enjoy the new blog design. It was really fun to customize and I still have a little more I'd like to incorporate.

Stay tuned for a preview of new marketing materials!

Hi there, it’s really really nice to meet ya.

I originally wrote this post back on Valentine's Day – February 2010 and left it in it's draft state. But really it's appropriate with the unveiling of the new design of the blog to post it now.  

I've said my share of hello's and welcome's to various audiences over the years. It's hard to believe I've been blogging for years now…many of you followed my journey from when I lived in Las Vegas and B and I were dating, moved to TN, got married, Sweet Life Designs was born, then our little boy was born and….well, that's where our story is now. 

My blog posts lately have been all over the place…but really, hey that's where I'm at personally and professionally right now. ALL OVER THE PLACE. 

So I thought it might be time for you to see and hear the real me as it stands right now. This is a glimpse of a mom to a teething one year old who couldn't convince her toddler to go back to his own bed last night, a mom who got up anyway at 5:15 am to hit play on the Slim in Six DVD because she is fighting to get off as much as she can of this baby weight before a much needed vacation to Mexico. After kissing the (gorgeous) hubby goodbye, carts the little one off to daycare and she settles in for her 8-5 job as a marketing manager….usually lunchtime break consists of SLD client meetings and deliveries, press checks, etc and then back to the corporate grind. After the 5pm bell rings it's a whirlwind of daycare pick-up, figuring out dinner, keeping the dog from licking the sticky goldfish fingers from the highchair, splish splash baths, good night stories and a few snuggles with the hubby all before settling in front of the computer for several more hours for SLD clients. 

How do I do it all? most people ask. I just do. Because SLD will continue to grow and be a success and maybe a few things will be adjusted in the portrait above. 

And of course, I love it. I love coming up with new ideas for clients. I love weddings. I love babies. I love having a part in these amazing moments of my clients' lives…knowing that my little details made their memories just a little sweeter. I love helping other businesses grow and expand with some of knowledge and tools I have to share. 

Love what you do and do what you love. 

In honor of V-Day -

Thank you to my sweet hubby and family for putting up with my passion and enthusiasm for trying to do something even greater. XOXO