Amber Housley

Let’s get this party started.

I’ve been meaning to start this post so many times in the last three weeks. I don’t like always writing on my blog that life is busy, but the fact is, it really, really is.

You could say that I stay pretty true to my “Libra” personality type. I tend to tip the scales in one way or the other with my life, and then pretty much lay low (hence they quiet blog!) until I figure a new equilibrium out. (and of course, start back all over again!) I plan to be back next week full-steam ahead, with lots of great things to share. In the mean time, a little update…

Our vacation to Emerald Bay was marvelous, but already seems like a distant memory. I’ll share some pictures next week with a full recap!

I had a great time traveling up to Maryland for a special photoshoot project I worked on with my new friend Cynthia Kain. It was my first time up to this area, what a gorgeous scenic place that I will need to get back to again soon!

This week I’m headed to Tampa/St. Pete, Florida. I am SO excited to meet all the ladies for AH Inspired. It’s going to be a fantastic two days! Nothing gets me more fired up then to help others with their business. Telling my story, sharing my knowledge and meeting these new friends only makes me want to come back and start working on new fantastic things ahead for AH this year!

Speaking of which, I came to the realization that we’re just about the half-way mark for 2012. The first half flew by, and it makes me only all the more eager to get things rolling on several projects I’ve had around for awhile…so they can be launched and a success in 2012 – NOT 2013! What do you have left to make happen in 2012? No time like today to get things started.

Here’s a little photo recap of the last several weeks via Instagram (you can follow me online here) that shows life right now:

nashville wedding custom invitations

 My backyard gardens are in bloom! – Our 3 year old is a full fledged little boy now – Working with lots of Fall brides now including some fun destination weddings – So excited to be headed to Engage! Las Vegas in just three weeks – Wrapping up lots of early summer weddings, including this adorable menu sign I hand wrote for a client – Mother’s Day was as sweet as ever with a handmade painting for me plus a new raised vegetable garden box from my husband that I’ve been asking for years for – and lastly a few glimpses from my travels to Maryland.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!