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Stationery Academy 2012 : Here we go!

stationery academy 2012


On Thursday morning, I’m headed down on a plane to Pensacola to dive into four glorious days with some fellow passionate paper-preneurs at The Stationery Academy! To say I’m excited about this would be an understatement.

I’ve been hard at work on my new collection and line….AND my new shop that will contain all kinds of glorious AMBER HOUSLEY paper, goods, and gifts that are full of sweet southern charm. These four days are perfect for helping me complete my collection and get to work on its debut!

While I’m going to be a featured guest speaker chatting on some fabulous marketing topics, I’m still going to be a very dedicated student as well, soaking up all of the knowledge of the talented hosts Whitney English Kolb, Natalie Chang, in addition to the other fabulous two guest speakers that I’ve been fans of for a very long time: Rachel Shingleton and Emily McCarthy.

Last year I met these wonderful ladies who are now one of my closest and dearest friends. I can’t wait to meet all the other designers and make new friends while sipping some beachy-fruity cocktails by the sea. :)


amber housley paper designer


Take a peek at the fabulous curriculum that we will be working hard on:


stationery academy amber housley


Sounds amazing, right?! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @amberhousley, Twitter @amberhousley and the AH Facebook page to see live updates and photos from the event.



Peace and fulfillment

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The tragedy in Colorado last week really spooked me in a way. Sad, senseless and beyond my comprehension of how lives could be cut short in such an everyday location.

When you become a mom, life suddenly gets a little bit shorter. You become more aware of your mortality in a way. You wonder when it will be your turn. You ask questions like, how will my family exist without me? All sorts of creepy thoughts about life and death enter your thinking space that never used to be there.

I came across three blog posts related to the shooting that really resonated with me. One of a young, twenty-something gal who narrowly missed another public shooting in Canada and who wrote about it a few months back, only to become a victim in Colorado. The second, a miracle and glimpse of God’s work at hand in this tragedy. Finally, the post of a mom and her unwavering faith that night.

What really hit home for me, on the last post she wrote how she was completely at peace with the possibility of dying because she had faith of where she was going.

For once in my life, I feel that same peace.

I love my family fiercely. Every moment of the last few months have been taken in more sweetly and savored than they have before. I don’t know if this is just apart of being in your 30′s, with it being more about living in the moment with your family and slowing down to enjoy life instead of all the 20-something selfishness, but something triggered in me this past year. I tell Colin I love him just about every possible chance I get. I sit and play and put the phone down more. Each day my husband leaves out the door for work, and we say our goodbye’s and love you’s and we mean it. We’re actively making changes in our everyday family lives to make each day count more. I’m pretty certain my friends and family know how much I care for each of them, how special they are, and how much I appreciate having them in my lives. My work right now is so fulfilling between my clients, my new friends made in this industry, and my work through AH Inspired.

ALL of this reminds me often of a blog post and quote I shared just a year ago…


when i stand before god talent quote amber housley


I feel that than ever before. If God were take me today, tomorrow, next week, next year or decades from now…I know that I would be at peace. I gave my family, my love, and everything my ALL.

An incredible feeling friends. Thanks for allowing me to share it here with you.



AMBER HOUSLEY Inspired: Andrea Zaharion

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amber housley inspired tampa


Andrea came to AH Inspired Tampa with her mom Becky knowing they wanted to do something bigger and more creative for themselves. When I chatted with Andrea this past week, she is hard at work on the foundation of creating a new business and creative outlet, starting with a blog to start curating and sharing some of her favorite party details. Thinking back to our conversation, I’m reminded that a little work every day will make a big difference in the long run. You just have to begin right now. There is no perfect timing, so why wait?

Maybe now is the perfect time for you tojoin us in Nashville this August! Register today and join some of the fabulous women who are all ready to be inspired. Only a few seats remain!


Interactive Marketing Assistant Position Available


Amber Housley marketing hiring

If there is one lesson I’ve learned since starting my business, one gal cannot do it alone! I’m so excited to open this position up for someone to join the team and help with some big things in store for the Amber Housley brand this year. This is a great position for someone who would not only like to gain more experience in marketing and design, but also creative entrepreneurs in training. Since it is a remote position, this can be ideal for others who are currently interning, stay at home mom’s, or those with full-time jobs with free time to devote to gaining more skills and experience in my industry. Hourly rate dependent upon experience. If you or someone is interested, please apply here today!

** Open Application Submissions are now closed as of 8/6/12. Thanks to all who have submitted!**


AMBER HOUSLEY Inspired : Nashville Scholarship Winners

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Wow! Y’all really blew me away with all of your amazing and heartfelt entries. I thank each and every one of you who entered for taking the time to “chat with me” through their contest entries to this AH Inspired Nashville scholarship posting. This was no easy decision, but I’m so happy to announce the winners:

Thanks again ladies to all who entered! I’m so excited for all the great gals who have signed up so far for our last stop of the year in Nashville. Such a diverse creative group of women that just can’t wait for all the tools we are going to equip them with! Seats are filling up, so secure your own seat at the early bird rate today and register now to join us.