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Curried Chicken + Apple + Cranberry Salad Recipe

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Chicken Curry Cranberry Salad Recipe - @AmberHousley Blog


Almost a year ago I wrote a post about living more intentionally, with one of those intentions to nourish my body better. I’ve had hives off and on most of my life and we’ve never been able to figure out what the cause of them are. For awhile, I tried a gluten-free diet to see if that would help with the symptoms. Sometimes I’d eat bread and get hives, sometimes I wouldn’t…so we still aren’t really sure a root cause, but I do know I feel better and generally a healthier person when I cut out the carbs.

Which is why this recipe is so great! It’s gluten-free and so tasty too. I shared a photo of this delicious salad on Instagram a week ago and it was such a hit that I needed to put the full recipe here on the blog! I originally found the recipe via Pinterest at the With Style & Grace blog and I’ve adapted it to fit my own personal tastes and preferences. If you are in the mood to make this a sandwich, I’ve served a similar recipe on those mini Hawaiian bread rolls at my annual cookie party exchange and the sweet and savory combo is delicious.


1 shredded rotisserie chicken
1 green apple peeled, cored and diced into cubes
1/2 cup of Kraft olive oil reduced fat mayo
1/2 cup Craisins dried cranberries
3 teaspoons of curry powder
2 bunches of green onions diced
1/2 cup diced celery
salt + pepper to your liking


Shred white meat from rotisserie chicken and place in medium bowl or container. Add all other ingredients and mix. Refrigerate overnight. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve over lettuce or just straight out of the bowl (my favorite!).

Serves 2-3 full size salads

Chicken Curry Salad Recipe Gluten Free @AmberHousley blog

Plate is from Pier 1 Imports and pictures were taken from my iphone.

The Story of the Mason Jar Candles

Today, I’m happy to report my hand-poured mason jar soy candles are in stock and ready to ship! The truck just delivered them and my studio is filled with such lovely pumpkin spice & apple aromas. All I need is a cozy sweater and Pumpkin Spiced Latte and I will be set, right?


Allow me to share you a journey of these sweet little candles…

Over a year and a half ago, I sat in the room at the very first Stationery Academy and shared some of the big dreams I had for myself to the group. They were things I hadn’t said aloud before, let alone put on paper.

It makes me smile to think of the powerful results that have come from this activity. I even encourage this same action – the naming of your biggest dreams and goals – to the new friends I meet at AH Inspired. I encourage them post them on their blog and put them out there into the universe. As they say… “if you can name it, you can claim it!”

So, that afternoon in Pensacola, I listed off some various things – some things I still have in my heart to want and work toward – but randomly, out of nowhere, I said,

“I want to make a candle. An “Amber Housley” candle. It will be cute and southern and homemade and come in a cute mason jar.”

Now developing a candle isn’t usually on someone’s big dreams list, but it was on mine. And finally this summer, I set about to make it happen.

Allow me to introduce you to the AH soy candle holiday collection that is: cute, southern, homemade and of course, packaged in a cute mason jar:




Here are some of the fabulous features of these candles.
These darling half-pint 8 ounce mason jar candles are replicas of good old fashioned canning jars with the words “mason” engraved in the glass.

- made from 100% soybean wax
- does not emit toxins while burning
- emits an incredibly small amount of soot
- biodegradable
- water-soluble
- burns cooler and slower
- renewable resource
- supports US farmers and our own economic growth

Burn time is 55-65 hours.
The maximum recommended burn time is 4 hours per burn.


 The holiday soy candle collection is available now in the Sweet Tea & Lemonade Pop-Up Shop. There is a set of each style that would make a wonderful gift this season! How cute would it be to package them up as a gift for a friend in in an antique wire basket with burlap and fall leaves or pinecones like I did for this picture?!

I can’t wait for you to enjoy these as much as I have enjoyed creating them!

The Oreck Magnesium Vacuum Review & Giveaway

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I’m so excited to share with you all today this amazing giveaway. This vacuum cleaner is life-changing, really.

I had the chance to try out the new and absolutely fabulous Oreck Magnesium vacuum cleaner. When the package arrived on my doorstep, I was ready to heavy lift the bad boy in house. SURPRISE! This light and powerful machine is under 8 lbs!


Our old canister vacuum that we’ve had for 7 years (but should have been tossed around year 3 with the way I’ve complained about it) was demoted quickly to the trash can.

Dare I show you the #1 source of dirty jobs the Oreck Magnesium vacuum sucks up with ease? You would think it would be from my 3 year old, but nope, our 8 year old yellow labrador is the #1 mess maker in our house.


I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was to see the Oreck Magnesium go over this pup’s dog bed and go to work on all that hair. Have pets? This vacuum is the answer to your clean carpet/floor/furniture prayers.

The high performance motor roller brush also lifts up the carpet fibers and our construction grade-quality carpet looks amazingly new after each run! This makes my hubby especially happy so we can hold out a few more years on new carpet.

Our entire bottom floor of our house is made up of hardwoods. One annoying habit of our old canister vacuum would be that it would “spit” everything larger than dust out behind you (ouch!) until the second or third pass. The Oreck Magnesium passed this test with flying colors! Even better, the machine lies flat so I can get under my sofa tables and other furniture.

In my office studio room, I always have paper scraps, paper punches, glitter, you name it! littering the floor. The Magnesium doesn’t mess around and erases it all in one pass.


I can’t wait for someone else to experience this life-changing – you will actually want and enjoy vacuuming! – vacuum.


TO ENTER (MANDATORY!): visit and then come back and tell us the one thing you learned about the Magnesium by leaving a blog comment on this blog post. There are also some ways to receive additional entries by following Oreck or Amber Housley, but you have to first tell us what you learned about this great vacuum!


Thanks for stopping by and Good Luck!

Rules & Details: The giveaway winner must be a resident of the U.S. 48 contiguous states.

No duplicate comments. There will be one winner of the Oreck Magnesium. This giveaway will run from October 16, 2012 @ 12:01am until November 2, 2012 @12:01 am. Winner will have 72 hours to get back to me other wise a new winner will be selected. Please leave a way for me to notify you. Email will only be used for point of contact for winner. Facebook does not sponsor or endorse this giveaway. They are not affiliated with this blog in anyway. Winner will be determined via random drawing via Rafflecopter. Odds of winning will be dependent upon total number of entries. Oreck Corporation provided the prize for the sweepstakes but is not the sponsor of the sweepstakes.


Disclosure – I was given the Oreck Magnesium Vacuum to review from Oreck. All opinions stated in this post are entirely my own opinion. Oreck is providing the vacuum for the winning entrant. I think this vacuum is fabulous!


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Right Now Challenge: Week 2

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Continuing with The Right Now Challenge. You can visit Week 1 right here.

We’re savoring Fall this week. Visits to the nursery to pick up pansies and pumpkins. I also received some adorable pumpkin bowls as a birthday gift from the in-laws. Everything just tastes better when served in them. :)

We baked and decorated Halloween cupcakes then hand delivered them to the neighbors in our cul-de-sac. Colin was SO excited to help bake, taste them (of course) and them deliver the extras.

Colin isn’t whole-heartedly loving to play soccer. He lasts for about 15 minutes of the game and then wants to sit out the rest no matter how much pleading we do. Maybe spring will be better…

All of Colin’s pants and shirts are too small. I can’t believe how much he is growing. Time for 4T now!

I hosted Halloween Bunco this week for 16 lovely ladies. Hard to believe we’ve been playing for 5+ years now! A Fall-inspired beer tasting was the hit of the evening. I found out that I love Blue Moon’s Pumpkin Ale!

Colin’s favorite sayings this week: “that would be a good idea!” “no thanks!” and using the silly name of “cheeseburger” when referencing anyone’s name.

Colin was out of school on Monday so I was able to play “stay at home mom” for the day. We went the library, out to lunch, and a play date at the park. I loved every minute of it. Hoping to make it a monthly date in the future.


On Turning 32 and Life Right Now


Last night, we left the kiddo with the in-laws and raced to Cheesecake Factory for  a late-night dinner. As any festive gal would on her birthday, I ordered a half-split of champagne. It felt very glamourous. I toasted to a wonderful 32 years and blew the candle out on my pumpkin-pecan cheesecake.

 amber housley blog birthday

Not so glamorous was how fast I inhaled that cheesecake.


Birthdays are a time of happiness, but also of reflection. I tend to over-think things and this week was like no other. Time spent wasted on thoughts and feelings and insecurities with growing older when they should have been spent more on gratitude and blessings. Thankfully, I have such a wonderful little tribe of friends who swoop in at just the right moment to say just the right things to make me feel whole again and my 32nd birthday was a sunshine filled day full of simple, pleasurable moments and time spent focusing on just me.

Did I mention how a mid-day facial and a hair blowout can work miracles, y’all? It’s so true. Everyone should be so selfish on their birthday! ;)

Now for the part where I get deep thinking…

Lately, this quote from the movie Michael has been coming to mind – “everyone is on their way to something else…”

I work in an industry of life’s celebrations…people are married, little babies are born, birthdays are celebrated. A constant stream of milestones big and small, fleeting moments in time before we are on our way to the next chapter.

Even during the simplest and normal of days, I find myself catching a moment with Colin or as a family and I feel like I’m in a movie. A little old-fashioned film-strip and I want to press pause and not forget how great the moment feels before we move to the next scene.

Which is why I love this Right Now Challenge Kristina has posted on her blog. Life’s little moments captured simply each week. Instagram has done a good job of capturing the moments and now I have a few more notes that will help preserve it even further. I’m going to do my best to keep up with it each week.


Right now…

1. Colin loves requesting eskimo kisses and is becoming even more loving (dare I jinx it by saying growing to be ‘mama’s boy’) each and every day. I’m basking in the warmth of it.

2. Thankful for mid-day lunch ichats and technology that brings long-distance friends closer to home.


3. The leaves are starting to change, the temperature has been perfect, and I love driving with my windows down.

4. I’m looking forward to (finally after years of wanting to) crafting a December Daily album this year to preserve our holiday memories. I pre-ordered the materials this week and I can’t wait to set aside some long overdue craft time.

 dahlia dinnerplate fall

5. Dahlias in the backyard have made one last appearance and they were bigger and more beautiful than in year’s past.


6. I finished cleaning up the garden and after many lessons learned my first year, already excited about possibilities for next. Looking to possibly planing a few fall vegetables as well in the next week.

7. Received this article from Sara. Every mama could relate to that one. Vowing to get in the picture more.


This week I had every intention of launching the Sweet Tea & Lemonade online store but as with all labor’s of love, this one is cooking a little longer to get everything perfect and even more fabulous than I had originally intended. I appreciate all your notes of support and excitement you’ve sent! I can’t wait to share it with you all very, very soon!