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Can you believe we are already just a little over 100 days into 2012?

The year seems to be off to a really busy start and it’s really flying by! It’s times like these when I have to pull the reins back and really focus hard on what I’m doing and where I’m going. In January, I wrote this post about living and doing things in my life intentionally. Now is a good of time as ever to take a pause and see how I’m doing with those goals and making sure what I’m doing daily is done with intention.

Speaking of intention, I don’t think I have a more favorite quote right now than this one:

This quote above really sums up how I feel about being intentional with my time and focus in my business. If I don’t act upon my plans, I’ll be stuck sitting here dreaming wistfully away and going nowhere. I love this line my friend Lara Casey shared last week…I want to shout it from the rooftops…”you know all those things you’ve always wanted to do, you should go do them!”

We are just about one week out from when the Early Bird rate expires for AH Inspired: Tampa. In today’s video I share a special little bonus that is going to be given to each attendee who registers by the early bird rate (through April 24). The gals who have registered so far are getting so excited (us too!!). I hope you will consider joining us as well…maybe this will be the first step for you in making some of those dreams into plans.

AMBER HOUSLEY Inspired: Tampa Special Bonus from Amber Housley on Vimeo.

Tonight I meet up with some of the amazing women I met here in Nashville in March for a little get together. I can’t wait to hear first-hand all the things they have accomplished so far in just six weeks. I don’t think there is a better way to start my week than this…

AMBER HOUSLEY Inspired Nashville – Recap from Amber Housley on Vimeo.


wow, amber! that’s incredible. thank you!!

So excited to see you next month Elissa! :)

Andrea Zaharion says:

My mom and I will both be attending next month, and just got even more excited after watching your videos!! We can’t wait to meet you and have this incredible experience with some new amazing and inspiring women! Thank you!!

You are most welcome Andrea! So excited to meet you and your Mom next month in Tampa!

Amy Kinslow says:

Amber, I really love these video blogs! You are so great at them. Keep up the good work!!

Thanks so much Amy! I can feel a little silly doing them sometimes, but I’m glad they are getting great feedback. :)

You did great on the video! :) I am so excited for the next group of Inspired women and I can’t wait to see how their businesses change as well! :)

Thanks so much Stephanie! It was great seeing you earlier this week! xo

Elizabeth says:

Looks like so much fun! I agree, that is a great quote!
Your friend in Kentucky,

Thanks Elizabeth! :)

Lara says:

I’m just so proud of you, I can’t get over it! Way to make your dreams HAPPEN, A! So encouraged by all you are doing and sharing!

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