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Soul Sessions

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Today I’m starting a new journey as an artist. It marks the start of  the next couple of months as I’m going to be soaking up a lot of inspiration and knowledge to expand my business via the Soul Sessions.

That word “artist” scares me. I’m self taught in everything I’ve done and at times in my business journey, it makes me feel like I’m trying to be this “designer” person who has no business calling herself one. At the same time, I’ve realized that a piece of paper that says a degree in a certain area doesn’t make you an expert in it. I may not have the background in color theory or typography, but I still have a passion for creating beautiful things and putting my “art” out for the world to enjoy. I’m also happy that others are even willing to pay to have a piece of my little world of pretty things for the past five years.

Part of facing my fears and intentionally building my business this year is to explore areas of art and designing that I have longed to develop….but too scared to try  because I didn’t have the “background” or qualifications to do it. I’m now ready to push those fears aside because I know all these ideas buzzing in my head and heart are worth putting down on paper. I’m telling you, reader, that you were designed to do those same things, too. You don’t need any paper or years of experience or this or that to be a success or start your business or new idea today. Taking my own advice as I move forward to seeing where this next little journey takes me!

All of these thoughts remind of the nineteen fear-facing women who will be joining me at the AH Inspired workshop on March 3 in Nashville. One seat remains, will it be yours?



Naomi says:

Amber that is wonderful! I totally understand the need to push the limits and expand yourself. You don’t need a degree to know and create beauty…but it’s never to late to continue to learn. :-) All the best and keep us up to date!

Tania says:

I love reading posts like this in the morning. They inspire me to think that anything is possible.
What I’ve seen on your site has been nothing but beautiful, so trust in yourself.

Thanks so much Naomi and Tania! Looking forward to this journey! :)

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