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Packing for Our Seaside Beach Family Vacation

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Next week we are headed to the lovely little part of Florida where all Southerners like to visit at least once per year – the beautiful beaches along 30-A. I find that I spend most of the year either hunting for the perfect beach rental, or counting down the days till we arrive at said beach rental.


The past two years we’ve stayed in Seagrove Beach, Florida, which is just outside of Seaside. We head over to the beautiful community that Seaside is just about every day while we’re there.

I’m so excited to spend some summer evenings having ice cream and watching the kids run like little monkeys all over the main circle lawn like last year:


This year there will be with two other families in our beachfront rental and have 5 boys under the age 5(!!!). It’s going to be crazy, good times in this house!

Here are a few things I’ve pulled together for our trip. Hubby gets excluded from this post because he does his own packing…and laundry (yes, I’m a lucky girl, we decided our marriage was for the better if he took care of that himself)…



1. My closet is 90% dresses so I’ll be packing plenty of colorful summer dresses for our last hurrah of the season. I picked this one up from Target last week.

2. Loving this Essie nail polish in a bright and vibrant pink: Fiesta. In my world, pink goes with everything.

3. I scored a major deal on this similar Steve Madden large white leather tote from Marshalls. Normally $98, it was marked down for $15! It will be perfect on the plane ride (yes, so blessed Southwest Airlines started flying to Panama City Beach in the last two years!) and will hold my laptop, iPad (for the little dude), snacks, drinks, toys, books, magazines and everything! Yes I know it’s a 45 minute flight people, but we’re traveling with a 3 year old. End of story.

4. My standard black Coach shades.

5. A new mariner bangle from Kate Spade in white. Like pink, it will go with everything at the beach! ;)

6. So I did it, I purchased my first “mom” bathing suit. My friend Lauren had these cute one pieces from LL Bean on the beach last summer and I actually liked the look of them (mind you I haven’t worn a one-piece since being on the swim team in high school). They remind me of my high school cheerleading days meets little black dress. Chasing around, picking up, running around with an active toddler is difficult in a bikini. Not to mention, this one hides some spots that don’t look so great post-baby and is very cute and slimming. Still packing my pink Lilly Pulitzer bandeu bikini, but it will probably be best used pool-side during naptime!

7. I got all the boys this matching t-shirts from Target on clearance. It will make for a fun picture! Yay for end of season sales just when we’re leaving for our summer vacation.

8. Ocean Potion sunscreen. This brand and scent is my favorite!

9. I found  cute swim trunks similar to this style for the little dude at 77Kids while in NYC in March. Makes him look like a trendy little guy.

10. I couldn’t resist these Melissa & Doug sand castle and “baking” toys. Hubby is going to kill me when he sees these in the suitcase and will likely tell me that the $1 set at Walmart would have done just fine. :)

11. This large utility tote from Thirty-One is SO perfect for the beach. It’s light and packs great while completely collapsing in your suitcase. It’s great for loading up with beach towels, other totes, snacks, whatever for carrying down on the beach. The sand comes off it so easily too.



The countdown is on! I can’t wait for all the memories to be made just next week! :)


Love it! Have a great time! Ps. My hubby & I have that same laundry agreement :)

Courtney says:

Have a blast soaking up the sun!

Cassie says:

HAVE FUN!! love those beaches on 30-A. Let’s hope Hurricane Isaac does not make an appearance :)

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