Amber Housley

Spring Fling At Target This Weekend

Category: AH Living, Fashion

Yesterday proved to be very dangerous at Target. I wanted to drop about just every dress I came across into my basket. Instead I dropped the first one in that had my heart at hello. The lovely coral color and the cute braided belt I couldn’t resist. A little turquoise cardigan and these champagne bejeweled flats, and I was good to go.

I really love a lot of the women’s fashion at Target..they’re always such a great price for something that I’ll get just one season’s use of. I’ll probably be wearing this outfit with my tall brown boots until Spring officially comes to Nashville in April, but I couldn’t help but get into the Spring feeling a little early!


I picked up the dress and thought of you! It’s so cute! I’m new to your blog…so glad I found you via Pinterest! :)

So glad to meet you as well! Always love meeting other event designers. :) I hope to have the opportunity to meet you in person some time!

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