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Baby Love It and Leave It : Sprout Shell & Swaddle Blankets

Pink-Lotus Love It: Sprout Shell

First, have you signed up for the daily emails from If not, do so NOW! You can get things up to 75% off on the deal of the day. That is how I first discovered the Sprout Shell. This handy little stitched fabric fits nice and snug around your carseat and is a replacement for always trying to put a blanket over your carrier when in stores, or going from the car to the store, or restaurants, etc. It's so nifty! Just think, no more blankets flapping in the wind! It also works as a shopping cart seat cover and a nursing cover (though I haven't tried it in these ways). They also come in the cutest Amy Butler fabrics, which are my personal favorite.There's a hole for the handle of your carrier to fit through and it's also big enough to peek inside at your little one when he/she's sleeping. We use this just about every time we're in restaurants to help block out the noise when the little guy is trying to take a nap.

Swaddle Leave It: Swaddle Blankets

I'm sorry, but I just don't get these: Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe.
I received THREE of these at my shower, and even though I tried to like them, I just don't. My little guy (AKA "Houidini") was way too strong, there was no way the little one inch velcro square was going to keep him snug. A good old-fashioned stretchy Carter's receiving blanket did the trick for us during his swaddle days (which were from newborn up to about 3 months). I watched a swaddle technique on (look up keywords "Happiest Baby On the Block" and you can see the swaddle tips for yourself). 

Believe me, a good swaddle technique is A MUST for catching some shut eye!


Baby Love It or Leave It
is a weekly series appearing on Mondays. As a new Mama, I've found that
the advice of my friends who are also new mom's invaluable when
navigating through my pregnancy, registries, and of course, now
mommyhood. My intention is my experience will be helpful to you as
well. This is only my personal opinion.


Lauren H. says:

BUT…if you don’t have a Houdini-Baby and just a chubby non-moving baby, the SwaddleMe is PERFECT! :) An even better one is the Miracle Blanket, you just wrap and wrap and wrap and wrap your baby until he can’t move. :)

Houry says:

Thanks for your reviews Amber! These are great for mommies to be. Early on in your posts you had mentioned you were going to use the Brooke Burke Baboush..right? Have you used it? and how do you like it? Does it show under your clothes? I have heard of the Belly Bandit too and wanted to hear suggestions before I put in an order.

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