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Hello friends, family and internets!

I have been a very bad blogger. My self-worth is not directly related to the stats on the hits I get for my blog, but there has been a very downward trend over the past year, and I'd like to do something about it.

I participated in a social media and blogging workshop a few weeks back from a guru in that area, and now I'm going to be putting some of the knowledge and some ideas that have been brewing in my head, to good use.

Pardon the dust around here in the next week as I make some changes! What do you have to look forward to? Daily posts – and they won't always be about Colin (though he sure is a good-lookin' kid, so there will still be quite a few for the family). ;)

In some of my pondering on what exactly I want to voice on this blog I came to the realization that I am the following things: a (new) mom, a wife, a Mompreneur, a crafter, a designer, a home-decor-cook-garden-lifestyle lover, of course, a Believer, and a lover of many, many things. And I really have a lot to say on all of those topics. So, I'm going to reach into all of those categories for my blog posts.

So, with that, let's get started!


Debbie says:

Glad to have you back, and yes that is one handsome little boy you have. You can talk about him anytime. Hope all is well in your world. Colin is so cute, I always look forward to updates about what is going on with him. Take care!

lauren says:

i can’t wait to have you blogging more often! i love to read your thoughts!!

Lisa says:

HI Amber,
I read your blog often! I remember u at two peas a long time ago! I don’t tknow if u remember me! I know i emailed u a few times and bought some of your designs! Your baby Collin is so cute and congrats on everything! I do enjoy your blog. I hope u keep up with it!

Wendy says:

Hello from Australia! First time I have made a comment, but I have followed your blog for ages and really enjoy it. All your little snippets of your day to day and now with Colin – it is a really cheerful blog to follow. I love your photography also. Cheers Wendy

I’m excited to read the new blog!

Stephanie says:

You usually have such uplifting information and fun stuff on your site when you’re doing your housecleaning – don’t get rid of too much. I enjoy still seeing all the scrapbooking stuff (ideas, layouts, etc). But it’s gonna be so much fun to read all your other stuff. Can’t wait…..

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