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AH Inspired 2013 Details & Scholarship Announcement

Hey Friends!

What a whirlwind weekend since the AMBER HOUSLEY Inspired speaker reveal in this fun video on Friday! Didn’t catch it? You can watch it here now.

I’ve received so many emails over the weekend from women ready to register. So I’m pleased to announce the full details and registration will open TODAY, Monday, April 8th at 5pm CST. (NOTE: THIS LINK IS NOT ACTIVE UNTIL THEN) :)

AH Inspired is my own way of giving back to the creative community but I’m happy to take it one step further by offering one scholarship seat!

 Amber Housley Inspired Scholarship Announcement

Scholarship Entry Details:

In the comments area below, explain why you want and need to be at AH Inspired as well as answer the following questions: What is your business today or what is the business do you want to start? What areas of your business are you looking for improvement on? What are your big dreams for your creative business?


Share the news about Amber Housley Inspired on all your favorite social media channels! Blog, Instagram, Tweet, Facebook or Pin on Pinterest (you can use the image above to share!) a message about AH Inspired  during the scholarship period. Leave a comment here letting us know you did and via which social media channels.

Your social media shares may read something like…

I want to win a seat to #AHInspired – a business & lifestyle summit for creative women entrepreneurs!


I’m ready to be inspired and win a scholarship seat to #AHInspired!

…or come up with something entirely more creative for your news spreading message! The rule is it needs to have the #AHInspired hashtag and a link back to the AMBER HOUSLEY Inspired website at


Entries are due 5pm CST on April 22, 2013 with the winner announced via the Amber Housley blog on or before April 30, 2013. You may register before the scholarship winner announcement to ensure you have a reserved seat since we do expect to sell out! If the scholarship winners are already registered, full or partial registration fees will be refunded. No purchase is necessary to win. Scholarships are non-transferable. Winners are responsible for any travel or other fees outside of workshop registration. Entries are judged by myself, Amber Housley.

Good Luck! I can’t wait to read your entries!


Elizabeth says:

Oh, I so wish I could come!! I’m having baby #2 the first of July so it doesn’t seem feasible…..hopefully next time :(.

Sarah says:

I have a custom cupcake/cake pop catering business called Benny Cakes Nashville that I started in 2012. Most of my customers in the beginning were friends, but I have gained a lot of business by word of mouth through those friends. I am in need of advice/information from other brilliant entrepreneurs on the necessary aspects of starting a business, like obtaining a business license, managing the financial aspects of the business, finding commercial work space etc. I would like to make this business a full-time, local web business and would LOVE to win a seat at Amber Housley Inspired to help me get moving on this dream.

Oh I am so sad to miss this! My due date for Baby #2 is two days away from your event. ;) Next year for sure!

I saw the video about Amber Housley Inspired on Friday from a friend’s Facebook, and immediately it caught my attention. It actually brought me to tears. I have been on quite a journey over the past 3 years. After graduating college with a Broadcast Journalism degree, I decided to combine my passion for cooking and my love of performance. Shortly after graduation, I was a finalist in a recipe video contest that allowed me to cook with Paula Deen in her hometown of Savannah, GA. Ever since then I have been pursuing my dream of becoming a cooking personality and cookbook author. I currently have a recipe website full of my recipe videos from my YouTube cooking show, and I perform cooking demonstrations for various groups. I also appear weekly on Channel 4′s More at Midday for recipe segments. I could go on and on talking about all of the amazing things that have happened over the past few years, including an appearance on the TODAY show!
However, the most unbelievable thing about this story is that I struggled with an eating disorder for the majority of my high school and college years. Thankfully, I have been free from that for almost 4 years now. My dream is to be able to use the cooking platform God is giving me to encourage women to savor and enjoy the gift of food. I want to spread the good news that food doesn’t have to stress us out or make us feel guilty, it can leave us feeling satisfied and inspired!
Unfortunately at this time, I am not making much money pursuing this dream. I do have a possible cookbook deal in the works, but the deal is not done yet. So being able to attend this event and be surrounded by women who are also pursuing their BIG dreams would be such an inspiration for me. I would also love to learn more from women who have built businesses online, specifically on how to cultivate followers and a strong online presence. Thank you so much for this fantastic opportunity!

I’ve been inspired and have already secured my seat at AH Inspired in August!

But, thank you for allowing me to share my story and applying for your scholarship.

A little history about me and my busines…On a whim, I launched my business Petite Social, a boutique event styling service based in Washington, DC, in July 2011. With a lot of hard work, passion, and relentless energy, I’ve had wonderful opportunities presented and my work has been featured in notable lifestyle blogs such as Amy Atlas, Pizzazzerie, Hostess with the Mostess and Project Nursery. I was selected and featured as a ‘Dreamer into Doer’ on Martha in Jan 2012, 6 months after I launched.

I did all this while juggling a family with 2 young children and full-time corporate job. I recently (Mar 31, 2012 to be exact) left my very safe and well-paid job to pursue Petite Social full-time! I am scared, nervous, liberated, excited, and hopeful!

With all my energy now focused on Petite Social, I’m excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. With my drive, work ethic, creativity, and passion in what I do, I believe I’ll be successful.

2013 is my year to invest in my business and evolve as a entrepreneur, and I believe attending AH Inspired will help guide me in the right direction.

I want to continue building my brand as an event stylist in the local DC area, but also expand into wedding styling locally, and editorial and commercial styling nationally.

And, with a fresh start and no cushy full-time salary, winning your scholarship would provide some additional validation to my family and friends that I’ve made the right decision.

Honestly Amber, one of the biggest reasons why I want to come to AH Inspired is because I’d love to learn from you how to combine both a job you love and a business you love without sacrificing my life! I love both, and I know eventually I’m going to want to go full-time with my coaching business and only spend time doing that, but right now I think I want to do both. I want to grow my business working with AMAZING women to create their dream lives! And I want to create MY dream life outside of my business, which includes getting married soon, traveling, paying off debt, buying and styling my dream house, etc. You do so much Amber and have created such an awesome life and business. I know 2013 can and will be my year; winning the scholarship to AH Inspired and working with you will propel me even further!

Thank you for the opportunity!

Kerri says:

I am so inspired by you Amber! I currently work full time as an HR Manager and I am desperately trying to build my photography business on the side. I am looking for motivation to make progress (not perfection!). I am so inspired by women like you that seem to be able to do it all but clearly show that it is HARD! and so, so very worth it. My big, big dreams down the line are to be able to work full time in my photography business, capturing amazing images, surrounded by inspiring and positive people. I have a ways to go but I am certainly up for the challenge. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Erika says:

I’ve had my letterpress and design business, Foxtrot Press, for a little over 2 years now. There are times when it has been somewhat successful and other times where it’s gotten pushed to the back burner for other opportunities. I thought for a while that it would be my side business I would run in addition to my full-time job. Now I know that I want Foxtrot Press to be my full-time job and where I place my focus and energy. I feel so energized, passionate and absolutely happy whenever I’m doing anything Foxtrot Press related. I want to always be energized and inspired when I’m working. I know in my heart that Foxtrot Press is meant to be my job and career. Making this happen is a daunting task, though, and I definitely an awesome support group in place to help me on this path.

There’s definitely room for improvement with Foxtrot Press. I know that I need clarity and focus for my business. I’ve been everything to everyone for a while now and I’ve realized that it has caused a lot of undue stress and unhappiness. I also need to become a bit more business savvy. I love to design and create but when it comes to the nitty gritty financial and legal dealings, I’m at a total loss.

I know those issues are things that can be resolved with a bit of outside help, which I can definitely get from AH Inspired! Once those issues are dealt with, I can see Foxtrot Press quickly becoming my dream job in a (hopefully) short amount of time. I’d like to bring fresh stationery products to the market seasonally, work with clients on custom stationery projects and continue providing branding services for small business owners. I’d love for Foxtrot Press to eventually expand its realm into home office accessories and for it to be as widely known as Kate Spade or Jonathan Adler. I want to make people’s lives better and happier through design and letterpress.

I believe that AH Inspired is exactly what I need to help me overcome the fear of the unknown with Foxtrot Press. I want to attend so that I can soak up all of the inspiration, wisdom and knowledge that the presenters and other attendees can offer. I need to attend so I can get the confidence and courage to make my dreams happen. Living out your dreams and being successful and happy is totally attainable… every presenter and women attending is a testament to that. Being surrounded by passionate and supportive women is one of the best things I can do for myself and my business. I’d love to walk away from AH Inspired and start my journey with Foxtrot Press. I know that it’s going to happen… I just need a little kick in the pants to give this dream a much needed jump start!

Emily says:

Hi Amber! I would L O V E to win the scholarship for your workshop! I am always inspired by folks (like you) who are pushing and guiding others to be their best and who seem get so much done in the same amount of time! I’m a mother, a professional wedding blogger/editor-in-chief for I Love Farm Weddings, a professional photographer for the last 12 years (, and I have SOOOO many goals for the next one year, five years, and beyond. I’ve just recently brought a couple new folks on board my team and I would just love to attend your workshop to get inspired about how to make all of this come together in a most seamless way and to learn how to guide my team going forward in an inspired way (and still have balanced time for motherhood/family life!). Fingers crossed I’ll get to be the one to attend! Cheers to you on your exciting workshop!

[...] at the early bird rate of $729 (ends June 15, 2013) • A scholarship opportunity is available. Learn more about the scholarship here.  Entries are due April, 22, 2013. • Registration is limited to only 40 seats to allow for [...]

Lindsay says:

Hi Amber! Thank you so much for this opportunity. I am a Canadian designer who started my online stationery shop, specializing in custom photo cards for all life’s moments, right after my son was born. I was the first with a business like this in Canada and I was so excited to launch. Since that point I have had lots of competition pop up, which I know is a great thing because it pushes me to keep moving and growing and challenging myself to be better and different. I continue to research and add new items/designs but I feel stuck. I have been at this for over 8 years now and although I love my business and what I do, I find I am still struggling to make “real” money doing this. I want my biz to be the thought of brand for Canadians, and I think I am very close. I just continue to struggle with am I good enough. I feel like there is no support here because like minded people don’t work together. They haven’t grasped the concept that it is okay to be nice to each other and to work together. I love how you and other creative minds have realized how much better this world can be by supporting each other. You have inspired me to make a difference here, I want to be able to help others and make a big jump in my business.

I wanted to say thank you for giving us all this opportunity and for inspiring me daily to be a better business woman, to support others and open my creative mind to all of the possibilities!

Joanna says:

Hi Amber!
I have a gift for seeing the best in others. I look around me and see beautiful, smart, inspiring women all around me. I want to help my coaching clients realize the beauty in themselves and to honor themselves through living lives that are authentic and true to what they really want. I believe that you can have it all. But to do that, you first have to identify what having it all means to YOU. Not to society, or your family, or your friends. You.
I started Cup of Tea Coaching to give women a place to figure all of this out, to discover who they really how and why they are so valuable but I have yet to get my first paying client. I want to attend AH Inspired in Nashville to learn from and network with women that have their own businesses. I want to learn how to set boundaries with your business and how to overcome periods of fear and self-doubt. I also want to hear stories from other women about how they share what they do authentically and attract the right clients and succeed in selling their services while being true to themselves.
Big dreams for my creative business: build the go-to coaching business for women. Have a team of inspiring, creative, powerful, energetic women coaches that specialize in different areas: finance, love, health, sex, relationships, career, motherhood, etc.
Thanks for this opportunity, Amber!

Erika says:

I’ve shared Amber Housley: Inspired on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on my blog! All social media shares can be found with the username @foxtrotpress. Blog post is here:

Sara says:

I want to be at AH Inspired because I do not want to give up on my creative business endeavors. I need to be at AH Inspired because I’ve invested several thousand dollars in my so-called business and have only made $2 back (literally!). My business today is a very small unique wedding blog focused on health and fitness ( The business I want is a monetized blog, which serves as a marketing tool for group fitness classes for women (brides, newlyweds, new moms, etc.). I’m taking the NASM personal training certificate exam next month (and several friends and readers seem interested!), and I have the highest hopes of writing an e-book, starting the boot camp, offering online accountability and sharing, revamping the blow, and even opening a shop for Fit for a Bride apparel, but… Phew! That’s a lot and I have a long way to get there! It will also cost a lot more money, which, quite honestly, is not feasible. Not to mention, I have a totally unrelated full-time job. I read the tips you provided to Jess Lively through her Wednesday newsletter (How to use a full-time job to your entrepreneurial advantage) and I was really encouraged! I love what you wrote about growing at a slower rate—that is what I tell myself daily. I would love to meet you, Jess, and several of the other speakers attending. I’d also love to visit Tennessee! My family is from Kingsport and my husband proposed at the National Storytelling festival, and we go every year: Thank you for this scholarship opportunity, Amber! I love your work!

Sara says:

Revamping the blog* — yikes! That was a mouth-full!

I want to attend AH Inspired because I would love to officially meet you in person! I need to attend, because I’m tired of talking about my dream and I’m ready for action. What I want to start is very scary, but important to me – I want to create a blog that is not like any other wedding/events blog. I want whatever I create to focus on the why behind events, behind vendors and collaborations. I want beautiful images, but even more beautiful words. Not make it about the things, but about the people. To improve my business, perhaps I need to start with figuring out a name – haha. Really I am starting from scratch and want to be sure that every step I take from the very beginning is true and authentic. My big business dream is to one day publish this project in some capacity. My personal dream to remind brides and hostesses the true meaning of these special celebrations through amazing, artistic and authentic inspiration and stories. Thank you!

Hi Amber! I’ve been connected to you and your blog on so many different avenues lately – and have enthusiastically followed along with you and many of the other speakers for quite some time. I have freelanced as a writer and marketing consultant for years, first in college and later in graduate school, helping pay my tuition and living expenses. After a lifetime to calculated moves, the past two years have been a blur. I married the love of my life, a soldier in the Army, and gave up some great professional opportunities to move with him (like there was a choice) to Savannah, Georgia. I have since taken my freelance business full time and have worked on a few great projects, but since taking time off to play mom full-time while my husband was deployed (we welcomed a baby girl 3 months before he returned from Afghanistan), I haven’t been as inspired or accomplished as I know I can be. With the upcoming re-launch of my marketing business and a launch of a small fashion and home product business, I am yearning for advice and inspiration on not just growing my business but connecting with other creatives, creating balance between my various roles and learning more about the diverse journeys that other entrepreneurs have taken to success. I know that I have great experience and can transform brands, but I am having a difficult time taking that from paper into experience. I dream of working with other entrepreneurs, leveraging my experience and vision for the success of small businesses into a colorful client list full of great results from across the country. I need to focus on the growth of my business instead of putting 110% into other projects and clients so that I can take my business to where I know it should (and can) be. I hope that I can attend the AH Inspired workshop through this scholarship position and can’t wait to continue following your (and the panelists) great successes!

Just shared on Twitter & Insta (username @paigehewlett) for both! Fingers crossed!

Liz Rotz says:

Hi Amber!
I’d love to attend AH Inspired for so many reasons. I currently am running two online businesses/shops and need to learn to streamline and prioritize better. I am running on all cylinders all the time and I know that eventually I will run myself down and go crazy! I’d love to learn from you and other successful shop owners to see what does and doesn’t work. I have these dreams of how I want everything to look and be, but can’t seem to give myself that extra push to actually make them happen. I think I’m focusing too much on what I think it should be and how to make it perfect than actually doing. Being around other like-minded people always boosts me up and excites me for unknown possibilities. And I’d love to meet you and all of the other speakers! Thanks for giving us the scholarship opportunity!

Christen says:

A chance to be at AH Inspired would help to give me that extra push of confidence to make my dreams for my business come true. My business is Love Elaine ( which features handmade aprons, totes, baby items and home accessories in bright, modern fabrics – perfect for a gift to give or keep for your self, all handmade and designed by me. Love Elaine happened by accident a little over 3 years ago, and has grown organically through sales online and through in-home trunk shows. Last year, I even had the opportunity to have my items available for sale in 8 Hallmark locations here in Richmond, VA. However, over that time, I had struggled to keep up with the business, most times it ran me vs. me running it. During that time, I also had a full-time and demanding job for an advertising agency that often led me wishing and hoping for more time to devote to my handmade business. I got my wish, as in July of this past year I was laid off from my job and unemployed for 4 months – it was the hardest time of my life, as I felt like such a failure. I poured everything I had into the business at that time, but it still wasn’t able to support basic life needs, so I returned to work and still maintained the business through the busy Christmas season. To say that I’ve struggled with burnout, both physically and creatively, would be an understatement. I’ve explored finding production help, as I realize I can’t grow a business if I’m the one sewing every single item, but have struggled to find reliable and consistent help. However, through all of this, I still believe in this business, as I have received so much positive feedback on the design of the products as well as demand through sales without having much money or budget for promotion. I would love to get a plan together for producing my items in a cost effective way that will allow me to do design and promote the business. A chance to come to AH Inspired and share my passion with other creative entrepreneurs would definitely help me get on my way to reaching those goals and dreams for Love Elaine.

Liz Rotz says:

I also put it on my social media! Pinned, tweeted, and insta-ed!

Madi Sanders says:

Oh am I a BIG dreamer! But why do I need to be at AH Inspired? …Because I need to become more of a DOER than just a dreamer. I am a recent college graduate (December 2012) and a new wife (January 2013) and currently working in the corporate world because somewhere along the way I thought that’s where you were supposed to start. But each day as I’m sitting in that cubical I find myself writing down any and every creative idea that comes to mind knowing that there is something else I need to be doing. This dissatisfaction and struggle at having a balance of patience & action toward what I want is truly exhausting and I know I am not meant to feel this way. I currently plan weddings on the side, but I want to invest my time into doing this full time. Serving brides in this way is what makes my heart sing!…But then fear creeps in and things like “But we need this paycheck!”, “I’m too young to be successful at that!”, or “I am nothing like [insert crazy-successful businesswoman’s name here]” run through my head. This has to stop! I know I can do this, but I need to put the plan into action to achieve this dream. I feel that AH Inspired could help me to spring forward toward this goal and start my business off on the right foot…but I know that if not selected, there is no reason to continue on this track. I. MUST. MOVE. FORWARD. No excuses! I am so thankful for the opportunity to apply for this. Thank you, Amber!

Victoria says:


Oh how I would love to be a part of AH Inspired this August! I don’t own my own business (yet) but hope that one day I can do what I love to do and also make a living out of it. I am currently working in events but enjoy the creative and design aspects the most. For years, I have been doing creative projects on the side (and for friends and family). It is truly my happiness! I love celebrations and bringing together old friends and new friends… the pretty details just make it extra special! I currently blog and have an etsy shop but I want to be confident enough to put myself 100% into these creative outlets and not feel tied down to a 9-5! My dream is to own my own “weekending” or party shop, physical or online. I attended MTH this year and was so inspired! I know I have the drive and passion to make this all happen, it’s staying courageous in the process that I need help with. I often feel like it’s too much on my plate and that I have stretched myself too thin. But I have so many ideas that I want to execute and the timing is NOW. I am getting married next month and my fiance and I just moved into our first home. I feel relief in just those two things and the feeling of being settled has already given me the push I need! I think AHInspired would be right up my alley… and I would love to learn from so many inspiring entrepreneurs who have made their creative talents a career! What a great opportunity and I hope that I can attend one day! xoxo

Esther Hall says:

My niece has told me so many good things about the AH Inspired that she attended last year. She attributes much of the success of her stationery business to the lessons she learned at AH Inspired. She reminds me of myself 20 years ago, except after going to the conference she made her dreams come true. I, on the other hand, haven’t. My sister and I are working on our new baby accessory business but it’s not taking off. I am sure there is so much that I could learn from this experience. It may be 20 years later than I had planned, but I believe that it’s never to late to follow your dream. Thank you for considering me for the scholarship.

Victoria says:

I pinned AHInspired Scholarship info! @Tori Minite


Madi Sanders says:

I have posted an instagram photo about my excitement for this opportunity! @madi2mrs

Christen says:

I’ve also shared the news on social media – twitter, facebook, instagram and Pinterest.

Beth Hart says:

Hi Amber! I love all the energy and passion you have for inspiring other creative entrepreneurs! I would be honored to win a scholarship seat to AHInspired because I’m learning how very important it is to invest in my personal and professional growth. It would be an amazing opportunity to learn from you and the other show-stopping speakers that you have lined-up for this event! As you know, I am a graphic designer with a stationery and invitations business, but you also know that there is another design world I’m seeking to enter. Your desire and ability to “cultivate a beautiful life” is a trait that I admire, and I know there is great value in learning from those who’ve gone ahead of me! I need the most help in staying focussed on my big dreams and goals by sticking to my values to attract my ideal client – not taking on any business that comes my way. My ultimate vision and desire is to run a successful, reputable business that truly represents me and inspires others while providing for my family and allowing me the flexibility to be invested in my family, friends, and loved ones. Thanks so much for your consideration! I will be sharing this opportunity on my Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts.

Becky Volk says:

Hi Amber… I attended the Making Things Happen Conference last month in Chapel Hill! I didn’t know what to expect but left there feeling like I had a plan. I learned how important beautiful imagery is to me and that I will always need a creative outlet. I currently work for my sister helping to create new designs and products for her company, Boatman Geller. What I need from the AH Inspired Conference is to figure out what direction(s) to take! Our daughter will be graduating from high school next year which will leave me more time to focus on my own business. Product photography, painting, fabric design and creating beautiful experiences are just some of my strengths. What I need help with is how to tie them together into a “Lifestyle Business” …I am hoping that is where AH Inspired can help! Though I am going to do everything I can to attend, being the recipient of a scholarship would be so helpful at this time as we start making college plans! Thanks so much for this opportunity and I look forward to seeing you again…

Becky Volk says:

just pinned it on my Pinterest Inspiration Board and posted on Facebook!

Loved reading everyone’s stories and goals! Thank you, Amber, for this wonderful opportunity. I’ve submitted my application, posted on my business facebook page,, tweeted it several times in the past few weeks, and posted on Instagram, THANK YOU!!! Good luck to everyone!

Amber Shader says:

Amber, I’m inspired by you and your work and wanted to thank you for not only putting this amazing workshop together, but for also offering a scholarship.
Just to tell you a little about me, I am a photographer in Middletown, Delaware who started my business in June of 2010. I balanced my part time photography business while working as a VP of HR for a Fortune 100 company. I had the courage to quit and pursue my dream and I haven’t looked back since! It was scary, but it was the best decision I’ve ever made outside of marrying my wonderful husband Jarrad. Since quitting my job and pursuing my dream full time me and my work have been featured on Martha Stewart Dreamers into Doers, Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty, MSN, Circle of Moms, Delaware Today and more! My business continues to evolve and grow and I now have clients scattered throughout the US thanks to the amazing referrals from my other clients. I was also working out of my home studio until I was selected for Delaware’s first Project Pop Up during the 2012 holiday season. I fixed up and restored an abandoned commercial space in historic downtown Middletown, DE in exchange for rent for free for 3 months. My project pop up experience was so successful that I decided to sign the full term lease in Jan of 2013 and open a baby boutique called first & little that features portraits by Amber Shader Photography. With my business evolving and growing, I could certainly benefit from networking and sharing ideas with you and the other fabulous attendees and speakers. I always travel with my camera and gear so I would love to take images at the workshop as well. I love working with other entrepreneurs especially event planners who share my passion for making things look pretty. I love the quote you shared…be honest. be fearless. be you. It sums up my personal beliefs perfectly.

@Kerri, please feel free to inbox me personally since we have very similar backgrounds. Would love to help.

Sara says:

Forgot to mention that I shared this on instagram!!

[...] usual, there were SO many wonderful entries to this year’s AMBER HOUSLEY: Inspired 2013 scholarship contest announcement. It’s inspiring to hear from so many women that want the tools and knowledge to take their [...]

[...] is $729 for the earlybird rate, and there is a scholarship opportunity available.  Registration is limited to 40, which I love – it really helps you to bond and [...]

[…] June 15, 2013) A scholarship opportunity is also available. Details on Amber’s blog post here. Entries are due April, 22, […]

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