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Stationery Academy 2012 : Here we go!

stationery academy 2012


On Thursday morning, I’m headed down on a plane to Pensacola to dive into four glorious days with some fellow passionate paper-preneurs at The Stationery Academy! To say I’m excited about this would be an understatement.

I’ve been hard at work on my new collection and line….AND my new shop that will contain all kinds of glorious AMBER HOUSLEY paper, goods, and gifts that are full of sweet southern charm. These four days are perfect for helping me complete my collection and get to work on its debut!

While I’m going to be a featured guest speaker chatting on some fabulous marketing topics, I’m still going to be a very dedicated student as well, soaking up all of the knowledge of the talented hosts Whitney English Kolb, Natalie Chang, in addition to the other fabulous two guest speakers that I’ve been fans of for a very long time: Rachel Shingleton and Emily McCarthy.

Last year I met these wonderful ladies who are now one of my closest and dearest friends. I can’t wait to meet all the other designers and make new friends while sipping some beachy-fruity cocktails by the sea. :)


amber housley paper designer


Take a peek at the fabulous curriculum that we will be working hard on:


stationery academy amber housley


Sounds amazing, right?! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @amberhousley, Twitter @amberhousley and the AH Facebook page to see live updates and photos from the event.




Prue Munro says:

Have a wonderful time – can’t wait to see all the fun updates!! :)

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