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Stationery Academy 2012 Recap

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I’ve had a good week now to reflect on just how inspiring the three days spent in Pensacola, Florida at the Stationery Academy was. There are conferences and workshops for many different niches and specialities…but I can’t say I feel more at home then I do with fellow paper-preneurs at SA. My first year at Stationery Academy was an eye-opener. I learned so much knowledge that I went home and applied it to my business with immediate results.

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But I found there was still more work to do. A year later, a year wiser and always seeking more knowledge and skills, I returned to Stationery Academy as a featured speaker and as a “sophomore” attendee. I shared my thoughts and ideas on utilizing different marketing strategies for stationery businesses. Then I turned around and soaked up as much as I could from the other two fabulous featured speakers Rachel Shingleton and Emily McCarthy, as well as invaluable insider advice from long-time industry designers Whitney English and Natalie Chang.

The best part of this type of intimate workshop? The time spent getting to really know each other and our different design businesses and backgrounds. The conversations spent during lunch or late night chats with roomies. (YES! Plenty of giggles and silly antics!) The friendships that were created in such a short span of time that will definitely go into the years to come.

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Last year was all about building a foundation.This year, I left Stationery Academy feeling nothing but determined about the path I know is ahead. I feel that this year is all about taking leaps from that foundation…onward and upward to so many design plans I have in my head & heart!

Thank you SO much to Whitney English Kolb and Natalie Chang for extending such a warm invitation to speak. Thank you as well to the 20 other amazing ladies and new friends. I can’t wait to see where our design businesses go next!


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