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Happy 2nd Birthday to AH Inspired!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already the two year birthday since the very first Amber Housley Inspired! I can only imagine how much all of us have changed and grown in these past two years. Watching this film makes me so, so, happy. Seeing all of these women and the messages they share, validates that I have truly created something meaningful in this world. I don’t think there is any greater aim as a creative artist — to create something that has lasting impact and makes a mark on the world.

I had no idea where the very first one would go that cold day in March 2012…and here we are today with so much more exciting things to come!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who helped make the AH Inspired memories what they are.



Happy Birthday AH Inspired from Amber Housley on Vimeo.


Today, I’m also announcing the 2014 launch of one-on-one GET INSPIRED sessions with me. Just 10 spots for 10 excited entrepreneurs. You can find out all the details here. In 2013 these sold out in record time, so if you’re wanting some action and inspiration for your business, reserve your spot today!

New Year’s Goals and Vision Boards

The Best Is Yet To Come - Amber Housley

January is coming to a close but we’re just getting started on all the great things ahead in 2014! We started the goal setting process both professionally and personally by first collecting some inspiring images for our “vision boards.” These vision boards contain images that move us visually, have inspiring and motivational messages or are related to action steps we want to make happen to better ourselves.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks where Amber will share goals and plans for 2014 including her “word” for the new year. You can read last year’s word post here.

Amber’s 2014 Vision Board

View the full inspiration board on Pinterest here

2014 Vision Board | Amber Housley | Nashville Wedding Planner

I wrapped up the last few days of 2013 with a party – a birth day to be exact – by welcoming our new little one to our family. As I embark on this new year, I’m filled with hope for a new year full of sweet delights. I’m looking forward to spending more time creating memories with my family and helping create memorable celebrations for others through our events, designs and products. I added a lot of feminine images to my board in the form of hearts, flowers and shades of pink. I think this is more than just being influenced by our baby girl, but is representative of the desire I have to get back to my core and “heart” in my life and business. I also see the idea of “margin” playing a big role in 2014. The words in these messages below are really speaking to me right now as I start my goal setting worksheets by my friend Lara Casey. You can get your own 2014 power sheets here! – Amber

amber housley new year

Jessica’s 2014 Vision Board

 You can view the full inspiration board on Pinterest here.

2014 Vision Board | Jessica Clinch for Amber Housley | Nashville Wedding Planner

2013 was an incredible year for me, filled with many grande endings and amazing new beginnings. It was a year of self discovery and affirmation that I should be the person I am at my core. Attending Making Things Happen sparked that more than anything. 2013 was the year I graduated from college, the year that I moved to my first new city after living in North Carolina for 13 years, the year that I started my first “real life” job, and the year that I made an incredible group of new friends while still keeping in touch with old friends. It was an amazing year that I will always cherish.

For me, 2014 will be all about focusing on enjoying the simple pleasures in life. I want to eat more sweets than the doctor recommends, trying every macaron there is to find in Nashville. I want to wear sequins and tulle skirts on ordinary Tuesdays. I want to toast to life with friends and champagne over the smallest celebrations. I want to travel as much as possible, and if I can’t physically travel to Paris, I want to do so through art and literature. I want to read a new book every month to keep my mind stimulated. I want to paint every single day so that I can fill my walls with art. And most importantly, I want to always remember that creativity rules, and strive to find my own personal style of creativity daily. – Jessica

Do you have an inspiration board for 2014? Please share it if you do!

Get Inspired Mentoring Sessions Launch Today

September is proving to be a month like no other. Between launching new products in our Etsy shop later this month, to putting the final touches on our upcoming wedding invitation collection release (party is October 3!), and GROWING A BABY (which deserves CAPS, thankyouverymuch) I’m in awe of all the great things that we’re doing around here.

Quite simply, we’re just busy little bees around here and there is no time to question or look backward, only just to keep moving forward, and making awesome happen.

That’s my new mantra for Fall 2013. Make awesome happen.

There are less than 110 days left in 2013 and I’m ready to end this year like no other before. How about you?! With that, I’m launching GET INSPIRED mentoring sessions. I’m excited to work one-one-one mentoring 10 other creative entrepreneurs who want to make some awesome happen as well. You can find all the details and secure your spot here.


 amber housley get inspired


To celebrate, we’re giving away a fantastic Inspired prize package:

A Whitney English Day Designer (with limited edition, designed exclusively for AH Inspired, gingham cover pattern!), a copy of Cake + Whiskey magazine (a magazine for creative women entrepreneurs), and one of our fabulous Hey Beautiful/Hey Gorgeous Inspired mugs. To win, just share the Get Inspired sessions graphic below on social media with hashtag #ahinspired and we’ll pick a winner this Monday, September 16th.

amber housley inspired

So, who’s with me in making 2013 the best it can be in the time we have left?

xo, Amber

Image by the always fabulous Gina Zeilder Photography

Wish I Knew E-Book Feature with Jess Lively

Category: AH Inspired

One of our dear friends and speaker at the most recent Amber Housley Inspired workshop, Jess Lively, recently launched an e-book titled Wish I Knew. It is an extremely helpful and inspirational book for anyone who is looking to gain a better understanding of being an entrepreneur. In the Wish I Knew e-book, Jess provides candid, honest information from a wide-array of creative entrepreneurs that will provide you with the advice you have been seeking for how to enhance your business.

“Wish I Knew is designed to help demystify the entrepreneurial process in honest and quick-to-the-point advice.”


Jess was kind enough to ask me to be a part of her interviews about what what I wish I knew when I was starting Amber Housley. I am honored to be a part of the e-book, and am excited to read what all of the other entrepreneurs have to share as well!

Make sure to get your copy of the e-book here!

Cake & Whiskey Magazine Subscription Special Offer

Category: AH Inspired

We are oh so excited to share a little bit about one of our favorite magazines with y’all today – Cake & Whiskey: The Sweet & Spirited World of Business. It is the perfect magazine for all female entrepreneurs, as it is filled to the brim with information and inspiration for business women. The magazine is such a great fit with Amber Housley that they were one of the sponsors for our recent workshop, Amber Housley Inspired. The attendees received a magazine in their swag bag, and loved them!

receive a discount on an amazing magazine for female entrepreneurs!

Cake & Whiskey magazine is graciously offering a discount subscription to their magazine for all Amber Housley readers! To subscribe, visit this page. On the checkout page, enter AHI2013 as the “Coupon code” to receive 25% off a one-year subscription! How amazing is that?

We are so thankful to have such a great relationship with Cake & Whiskey, and hope that y’all enjoy their magazine as much as we do!

xo, Jessica