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Welcome Kayla Grace


The details and story:

Our sweet little girl arrived into the world on December 28th! My best friend and photographer Sara Rose was there to capture her birth story. You can read some of the story and see highlights at her blog post here:

I love the lyrics of the song “Always” by Switchfoot Sara chose to use in our personal slideshow. They are so perfect and meaningful:

This is the start, this is your heart
This is the day you were born
This is the sun, these are your lungs
This is the day you were born

Hallelujah, I’m caving in
Hallelujah, I’m in love again
Hallelujah, I’m a wretched man
Hallelujah, every breath is a second chance

And it is always yours
And I am always yours 

We were happily surprised back in May when we found out about her arrival. Our special announcement was made here. Fast forward seven months later and we can’t imagine life without her in it!

Her name:

We went back and forth on her name as she grew in my belly, but I always really loved the name Kayla. It was short and sweet and I loved the many meanings of it: Pure, Beloved and Rejoice. On the way home from a trip to the beach this Fall, we finally decided to make a decision – and her big brother cast the deciding vote of Kayla. Grace just seemed like a perfect fit with it. Her name is a perfect fit for how her birth story came to be.

Thank you!

Thank you friends for all the wishes you have sent our way! What an amazing way to start the new year.

The Birthday Party Project + Help Celebrate My Birthday

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I first met my friend Paige Chenault at Engage!12 The Breakers last December. She stood up and shared the story and vision of The Birthday Party Project and there was not a dry eye in the room when she was finished.

Paige Chenault


The Birthday Party Project is a non-profit organization in North Texas that teams up with area homeless shelters to throw birthday parties for kids each month.

Today is my own birthday and I’d love for you to help me (and baby bump) celebrate it!




 graphic by Kelly Ashworth

 Help Celebrate!

A gift registry/wish list has been created on to make it super easy to help donate to this cause. Click here to view the wish list now for The Birthday Party Project on Amazon at The list is filled with supplies to help make these great parties happen and will be shipped directly to the headquarters in Texas!

A Little Bonus For You…

If you’d like to celebrate my birthday with me, please make any purchase big or small from the wish list and then comment below on this blog post or my Instagram that you have done so and you’ll be entered to win a $25 to my Etsy shop. I’ll pick a winner next week!

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes – now I’d love it if you can help make some wishes come true for some deserving little ones!

xo, Amber

A peek at The Birthday Party Project:

The Birthday Party Project from WhenItClicks Wedding Films on Vimeo.

Special News

Things have been a little quiet around here on the blog since my return from my whirlwind trip to New York City last month! Mostly it’s because things have been anything but quiet around here.

A fun little surprise made it’s presence known my very last day in NYC…


Amber Housley Blog Birth Announcement Sweet Little Peach

(special thanks to my amazing best friend Sara Rose for these family photos)

And just like that, our life has changed, and our little family of three is SO EXCITED to become a party of four…

Amber Housley Nashville Wedding Planner Designer Invitations

Amber Housley Blog Invitation Designer Wedding Planner

I’ve shared openly with close friends, and even at Making Things Happen, my own personal struggle with deciding when the right time was to have baby #2. It’s something I was on the fence about for almost three years now. I juggle so many things right now in my life that adding another little one was something that scared me. Something that I even thought might hold me back from opportunities or goals. Even harder was seeing so many close friends struggle with infertility and I had a combination of both guilt and fear because having Colin was so easy and now could be something I was taking for granted, or I could face the same issues myself in the future.

Along the way at Making Things Happen, I decided that my future did in fact include an addition to our family and that God wasn’t going to give me anymore than I could handle. Somehow I would find a way to make our crazy life work. I know that this little one is going to be a blessing in our lives and was something we’d start trying for later this summer or fall.

And just like that, God’s timing is always more perfect than my own.

I like to think He nodded His head that day in March and said, “I’m glad we’re on the same page now. Now, let me get back to the great plans I have for you…”

Amber Housley Nashville Wedding Planners Designers Invitations

Fast-forward to my last day in NYC when I’m feeling sort of faint in the hot sun and start complaining alongside one of my roommates how smelly an outdoor market is…a test later that afternoon confirmed something that had never even crossed my mind. What a fun souvenir to bring home to my husband!

The first trimester is now over and has been really great. I can’t really complain when I only had knowledge of this little peach for about four weeks now. That is a blessing in itself since I was definitely sick with Colin. This pregnancy is already feeling different in so many ways.

The facts right now: I’m craving lots of fresh Georgia peaches, watermelon, salads and frozen yogurt. I fall asleep at 8:30pm and I’m getting ready to purge a lot of clutter in the house. Let the nesting begin! :)

Thanks for sharing in the next chapter of our family. XO


Out of the Office on Vacation!

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sandals whitehouse
I’m leaving on a jet plane in a few hours for a long-overdue spring break with the hubby! We are headed to Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica and are so excited. I’m looking forward about sharing all the wonderful things about this Sandals property with my friends and clients. This will be the 6th Sandals property I’ve visited and the 4th I’ve stayed at. I’ll be back on the office on March 25 and emails will be replied upon my return.

I won’t be answering any emails – but you can follow along my poolside drinks and toes in the sand photos on Instagram. :)

Take care!