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Jennifer & Armand Published in Munaluchi Bride Magazine

It’s hard to believe it was this time last year that we were on the countdown for Jennifer and Armand’s Country Music Hall of Fame November wedding. This event is still the largest wedding I have ever designed and planned (with over 600 guests) and they hold such a large piece of my heart.

From the Save the Date’s to the custom soda bottles on the candy bar, I had the priviledge of designing so many details big and small in the vision of Jennifer and Armand. We brought together an amazing team of vendors to produce this event. It’s such an amazing and EXCITING!! feeling to see that hard work pay off in not only delighted clients but in published magazine spreads such as these. The photos so clearly show the love Jennifer and Armand have for each other and it melts my heart all over again!

Munaluchi Bride Magazine Fall/Winter issue is available on newsstands now. Stay tuned for photos of me happily cheesing it up with a printed edition in Barnes and Noble (seriously!)






The amazing team:

Photography | Kristyn Hogan

Reception Venue | Country Music Hall of Fame

Paper Goods | Sweet Life Designs

Wedding Planner | Amber Housley for A Delightful Day

Florist | Rhonda Patton Designs

Bride’s Dress | The Bride Room (Priscilla of Boston)

Bride’s Shoes | Christian Louboutin

Groom’s Suit | J. Michaels

Videography | FocalPoint Cinematic

Cake | Maples Wedding Cakes

Lighting | Nashville Event Lighting

DJ | Robert Luke


Stationery Academy Recap

I’m really excited about sharing my experience at The Stationery Academy in the most authentic way. It ended up slightly long and slightly even more excited/emotional/honest and used the word ‘amazing’ too many times for some people than I had originally intended. But here goes…

Last week I spent an amazing 4 days on the beaches of Pensacola, not soaking up the sun, but instead laying out the foundation for a new and improved version of my business at The Stationery Academy.

Founded by Whitney English Kolb and Emily Ley, who are two amazing women with awesome brands in the marketplace, their purpose for the academy was to share tried and true stationery business strategies, so we can in turn build our own strong stationery brands. Lara Casey, was also on hand to share her branding expertise and is one person who always continues to inspire me to no end!

View from room 612

I sincerely believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason and is part of a bigger plan, right down to all of the smart and talented attendees that made up the inaugural ‘Class of 2011′. You would have thought we’d known each other for years from the hugs when we parted ways on the last day.  Each day the entire room was FULL of ideas from such inspiring, creative women. From our workshop sessions, to the conversations at dinner, I walked away feeling that each of these women were so set to make amazing things happen for themselves. And I’m so, so, lucky to now call each one of them friends!



Credit: Meg Baisden Photography (

Another piece of my heart now also resides with my four roommates, Courtney, Ashlee and Amber. We all randomly decided to be roommates and it turned out to be like a summer camp sleepover every single day. We laughed, we cried, we shared, we inspired each other and are now holding each other accountable for a lot of big things in our life as we parted ways. Amber and I are back-in-our-college-days sorority girls and we decided that this ‘university’ needed one was well…Phi Omega Nu Tau…I’m President and she’s the Social Chair and well, that’s another story we’ll pick up another day…{insert lots of giggles here} ;)



Credit: Meg Baisden Photography (

Some big takeaways and realizations were made at The Stationery Academy for my business:

Over the last couple of years as I’ve built up my business, I’ve produced some amazing work that makes my heart smile in the largest possible way. But then there are other times where I just sort of ‘liked’ what I was doing and was just happy enough with getting paid to do something I was good at.

I know now that I want my clients to come to me because they want a piece of the Amber Housley style, not just Amber’s spin on your own personal style. Is that going to limit me in some ways? Maybe. My sweet, girly, Southern, smart, sorority girl lifestyle is not for everyone. Will I encounter amazing people who will appreciate and love everything I have to offer them and in turn I absolutely LOVE every piece I produce? You bet!

I left feeling so at peace with how everything is going in my life and for this business. Sure, there are lists and ‘download’ pages a mile long, but for once my priority and sight isn’t on the finish line. Instead, I realized that if I put my heart and all my hard work into everything I’m working on now, that finish line is going to happen. I have no doubt in that now. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that. And in turn, makes all these things I’m working on now, unbelievably fun! I’m going to enjoy this journey and soak up every twist and turn in the road and just see where it takes me.

We made a “crazy list” of some of our biggest dreams and goals. It’s pretty thrilling to see them down on paper. So much so that I’m sharing some of them here. I can’t wait to come back in 10 or so years and see how many of them I’ve accomplished!

Some of the ‘crazy list’….

1. Work 4 days a week. I would love 1 day a week to have the stay-at-home Mom experience.

2. Build a company that I can pass down to my family.

3. Have my own lifestyle products sold in an amazing store like Anthropologie

4. Have my own lifestyle TV show (side note on this – I originally said “be a guest on a national TV show” and everyone in the room laughed, challenging me to instead to dream bigger and have my own TV show)

5. Be paid to speak at a conference

6. Exhibit at a tradeshow like NSS or a Gift fair

7. Building an amazing home studio that is featured in a magazine

8. Tour Europe, return to the Spanish city I studied abroad in college

9. Add a philanthropy piece to my business

10. Show my children and family that any dream is possible

Stationery Academy’s adorable ‘swag’, enjoying some welcome cocktails with new friends.


At one point during the conference, Whitney turned to me and asked point blank, “what’s your definition of success?” And I honestly couldn’t answer on the spot.  Even now, I don’t think I can sum that up in one sentence. I think that if I’ve accomplished some of the crazy list, and have lived a life that is summed up in one of my favorite quotes, than I have reached success.

Here is that quote wrapped up in a pretty little package that I’ve designed. You can download and save it, print it, pin it, make it your computer desktop, whatever! Maybe it will inspire you to keep on making BIG things happen!



Casey & Josh’s Elegant Navy and Apple Green Nashville Wedding Invitation Suite


When Casey and Josh came to me to design their Nashville wedding invitations, they wanted something fun and colorful BUT in a very elegant tone. We definitely achieved that goal with their gorgeous Navy & Apple Green wedding invitation suite! The navy paisley added both a bit of whimsy and elegance for their October wedding.

Their Save the Date featured a photo from their engagement session with the always wonderful Jonathan Campbell Photography. The tea length style and bright apple green envelope definitely stood out in the guests’ mailbox.


Here are a few peeks at the full invitation suite and their stunning wedding Nashville’s Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, followed by a reception at the Nashville City Club.







You can view more photos and details on Jonathon Campbell Photography blog here:

My view in three weeks: The Stationery Academy


I’m thrilled to report that in just a few short weeks I’m going to be headed to Pensacola, Florida to be a part of the inaugural class of The Stationery Academy! It has been a dream of mine to one day produce a wholesale line of stationery and gift products for the retail market and I’m excited to be able to pair up my already vast knowledge of print production with learning some new tips and tricks of the wholesale stationery market, presented by some of the top experts in the industry. Not only do I get to meet Emily Ley and Whitney English for the first time, but I get to give a big hug to my friend Lara Casey (from my MTH and Engage adventures) who will be there sharing her branding expertise as well.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention one of the big highlights of the four day trip…this view:


Yes, there will be a wee amount of beach/relax/rejuvination time on the first day.

The other part I’m really excited about this conference? The connections! In my travels over the last year to Making Things Happen and Engage!11, I have met so many truly inspiring, go-getting, like-minded and creative new friends. Going into a conference knowing NO ONE can seem daunting — trust me, I did it at both MTH and Engage — but in reality, everyone is sharing the same excitement and nervousness. This time I’m walking into this experience with not a hint of nervousness, just a whole lot of happy vibes and gratefulness for the opportunity.

Let’s do this!

Sneak Peek: Ashley & Daniel’s Santa Rosa Beach Destination Wedding

I met Ashley, Daniel and Ashley’s mom at local coffee shop on a cold winter day in Nashville. Immediately I could tell that the details for their bright and cheerful Florida wedding was something that I wanted to be a part of! A warm mix of marigold orange and aqua blue, I incorporated a sweet vintage bicycle at their request to be a little more vintage-y and a little less “beach-y” for their intimate occasion. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the details of their Santa Rosa destination wedding. A full posting of ALL the sweet details and fun paper goods to come!