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Interactive Marketing Assistant Position Available


Amber Housley marketing hiring

If there is one lesson I’ve learned since starting my business, one gal cannot do it alone! I’m so excited to open this position up for someone to join the team and help with some big things in store for the Amber Housley brand this year. This is a great position for someone who would not only like to gain more experience in marketing and design, but also creative entrepreneurs in training. Since it is a remote position, this can be ideal for others who are currently interning, stay at home mom’s, or those with full-time jobs with free time to devote to gaining more skills and experience in my industry. Hourly rate dependent upon experience. If you or someone is interested, please apply here today!

** Open Application Submissions are now closed as of 8/6/12. Thanks to all who have submitted!**


It Started With A Pink Carnival Wedding

I first met Carli over two years ago. She breezed into the consultation meeting armed with dozens of tear-outs from magazines and was eager to tell us about her out of the box idea for their wedding reception: a carnival! As she went on about her love for Martha Stewart weddings and sherbet color schemes, I knew from that moment this was the girl for me!

Now is the perfect time to introduce you to sweet, smart, creative Carli. She works behind the scenes in our studio putting the finishing touches on paper goods pieces or streamlining our client project processes. Besides her business and organization smarts, she is an extremely crafty gal with a great eye for style and design. Did I mention that she is the queen of homemade mallows? In sherbet colors of course….

However, her #1 job is wife to Spence and doting on her adorable little girl every chance she gets. How could you not resist those cheeks?!

A special Thank You to Miss Carli for all the wonderful support and encouragement she has given me over the past two years. I am so lucky to have you on my team!