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Sweet and Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape for Small Spaces

Last month, as I was prepping for a Chili Cook-off contest (which I came home with the prize wining trophy!), I decided I needed a festive Fall flower arrangement for my tasting table. I ran to Publix (where I can always find great flowers!) and picked up some fresh florals in their 3 for $10 section. Sunflowers were a natural choice since they always pair well with red and white checkered flag table cloths. I also chose some cheerful yellow spider mums since they have great texture and make a good filler.

I then went into the backyard to cut a few late-season but pretty-as-ever dahlias. This was my first year growing this variety of reddish-orange with yellow tip dahlias, and they did not disappoint! I’ll share soon how easy it is to grow my beloved dahlia flowers, but just know they are incredibly easy and plentiful to grow. I was really surprised at how long the season lasted in my yard this year.

With the sunflowers and dahlias mixed together, I thought it would be fun to stick in a few faux fall leaves (again from Publix). After I put the arrangement together, I realized what a great Thanksgiving table centerpiece this would make! That is when the impromptu photo session on my small kitchen nook table began…I call it: “Sweet and Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape for Small Spaces”.





I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! Warm wishes to you and your family this holiday weekend!


Amber Moon says:

I love you friend.
You are such a blessing in my life.

And you are a blessing in my life as well!

Cyn says:

Beautiful!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thanks Cyn, hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

Courtney says:

I LOVE how you used the leaves! I miss those fall leaves sooo much. I would have them all over the house when they started falling. What kind of camera/lens do you have?? Your pics are awesome! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks Courtney! I have an older Canon Rebel DSLR, but it’s my lens that takes such great photos. I used both a 50mm and a 28-75mm for these photos. :)

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