2011 didn't exactly start how I expected it to. But that's how life is, isn't it? Always going against expectations. 

I had in mind that by now my new website would be more complete. That all my 2010 financial business accounting records would be up to date and ready to send off to the tax lady. Newly polished marketing materials for myself, plans underway for a huge party showcasing a new 2011 line. And that I would be entering this new year refreshed and renewed and ready to tackle all of these amazing plans I have for 2011!

And here I am, sick. Sick since Christmas with a cold turned sinus infection turned cold again. Victim of a wonderful little boy who attends daycare and is exposed to every little germ possible and is pretty much in the same boat as I these last couple of weeks. I'm trying very hard not to wallow in my tired of being congested misery and really focus on this new season ahead. And giving some much needed attention to my clients.   

This week made me think of how things are different lately. We've been going to church a lot more regularly the past month or so. Even on these crummy cold and blistery out days. I want to go. I want to hear the message they are offering. It's one year ago this month that we started attending Providence UMC. And it's only now in the last month or two that really the messages started hitting home for me. It wasn't just an act of showing up to church anymore, it is now the act of showing up with my heart at church. I've heard the message in the past of giving your troubles over to God. And in the past I may have said I was doing it, but I don't think I really was in my heart. 

And you know what? The moment I really did start doing it, asking everyday of Him to please help and give me strength and wisdom to keep on pushing through. To finally surrendering my own plans and ask Him to show me the plan He has made for me…. Things have changed. This new year, something just feels different this time around. Little "happies" keep falling into my lap. Little things that make me stop and think – this is a sign

The next couple of weeks are going to be a flurry of activity and new adventures and new friends. I really can't wait for all that is in store. I put together this inspiration board for the new website and just looking at every ridiculously charming image just makes me so happy! Maybe it will bring some joy to you as well this wintery January day. 

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