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Life in Mommyhood Land Right Now

Today marks what is hopefully the start of the end of Housley Spring Cold/Flu season 2012.

Starting late last week, just as Colin was finishing up with his latest round of daycare induced sniffles, Brandon and I started feeling crummy. And so it began…round the clock medicine, Lysol spray, coughing, fevers, voice-loss, sneezing, half dozen time sheet washing…for five days straight.

When you become a parent, there is nothing worse than getting sick.

When both of you are sick at the same time, it’s a fight for survival.

In our case, I was the considerably less sick one (compared to my husband who was on his death bed with strep + flu), so that meant managing and keeping up with our three year old alone. It also meant that we needed to stay out of the house as much as we could so we wouldn’t catch the strep ourselves. So Colin and I walked around more stores and shopped than I can recall in recent months…which is so sad because this girl LOVES to shop. Just not when she is feeling rotten. We went to the park, we ate out….this sounds like a vacation right?! Yeah, I wish.

Meanwhile, our little guy is growing like a weed, running like a cheetah and attempting to show us his latest ‘trick’ at every corner. He is entering a new phase of toddler-hood…and I’m not going to lie, it is tough. He is pulling out all the 3-year-old attitude stops….he can be so sweet and loving one minute, and then incredibly defiant and independent the next. I read this article yesterday and she nailed it on the head. Our little dude is an “active” one.

It’s exhausting.

Speaking of exhausting…let’s touch on the subject of potty training for a minute.
It sucks.
It’s not working.
We’ve been doing it for what seems like YEARS, and now I feel like we’re back at Day 1.
Child #2 seems like a very distant pipe dream until we get past this potty training hurdle…

Luckily this little dude is cute beyond measure (but still would be even cuter if he was potty trained….) sigh….


We’ve been eating a lot of ice cream and fro-yo lately. Because you know, that *totally* helps chill him out. ;)

We also added a truck to the family…we’re calling it Colin’s 16th birthday present, 13 years early. I hope he runs and jumps this excited in 13 years.


Cassie says:

Oh Amber, I totally feel for you!! I have been sick all week too (and working a 14-hour wedding on Saturday didn’t help!!) Luckily only one of my kiddos got it but man does it make life tough for a few days! Glad to hear you all are on the mend… and stay encouraged about the potty training — it will come eventually!!

Thanks so much Cassie and wishing you well in your house too! Thanks for your feedback on the potty training. I can’t wait to throw a big party for potty training!!

Amber, haha! Oh the potty training… I’m right there with you! And we just finished the stomach flu (ick!)… that is no fun for Mama! Hang in there, lady!

Anna says:

I feel ya on the potty training. My son just turned 3 and is refusing to cooperate. We’re at a total loss on what to do. We’ve tried every method!!!! And we already have #2 on the way! Hang in there :-)

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