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Making Things Happen Conference Recap & Thank You

Making Things Happen Conference by Lara Casey

I’m still coming down from my wonderful Making Things Happen conference experience in Chapel Hill last week.

At the end of the conference, while we were enjoying sweet tea and biscuits (a perfect ending to a wonderful 2 days!), so many wonderful people came up with hugs and gratitude. All I can think of is saying thank you right back to all of them for helping me feel so comfortable to be honest and do the real work too.

There is something to be said for working two solid days on the heart of you – both personally and professionally. I can’t thank Lara, Emily and Gina enough for the invitation to join them.

I think we have a tendency to believe that those who host or speak at workshops have it all figured it out when really, we don’t have all the magic answers. We too are a work in progress each and every day and have our own sets of insecurities and big plans we still want to make happen. I came to discover some of my own struggles I’ve been keeping down deep and feel like I’ve gained some new clarity.

Half way through Day 1 I took a short walk outside to get some air and I literally asked God why I was there. What was my purpose? Why did he bring me here? I don’t think I have all the answers to that but I know that sharing my story and my business journey brings me great joy and satisfaction. I’d like to think a little piece of me left with each of the attendees to help fire them up in some way.

Looking back, I believe I drove home the idea to ‘own who you are’.

You can’t wait around waiting for someone else to give you permission to be what you want to be. You have to claim it.

It’s even a nice reminder to myself to really own the talents and life I was given…and to run with it.

I can’t wait to see what those 100+ men and women claim for themselves in the next 6 months! I’ll be cheering on everyone each step of the way!

Making Things Happen Conference Recap

On a final note, I’m also thankful for getting to know many of the wonderful women who are the other speakers and those who worked behind the scenes to help produce such an amazing conference. I’m reminded again how wonderful it can be when creatives get together to really rally around and support others. That’s exactly the way it should be.


sara rose says:

So proud of you! And, I am so lucky to call you my friend. Love you lots!

Em says:

Love this, my friend! So happy to have gotten the chance to spend this time with you!

Nancy says:

So inspired!!! I’ve already inquired about the next mth. You’re last quote in Pink fires me :)
Have a great vacation.

Lara says:

I love you so much! I am so grateful to have spent last week with you, learning from you and sharing such a life-changing time. You are a truly remarkable woman, AH.

Liz and Ryan says:

Ahhh! How true is it that we are “all a work in progress each and every day and have our own sets of insecurities and big plans we still want to make happen!” YES! Sounds like you all had an AMAZING time at the Intensive! So excited to think of all of the AMAZINGNESS to come out of it… or that probably already has! ;)

Callie Beale says:

Your story really resonated with me! So appreciative that you took that time from your life to share it with us!

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