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The tragedy in Colorado last week really spooked me in a way. Sad, senseless and beyond my comprehension of how lives could be cut short in such an everyday location.

When you become a mom, life suddenly gets a little bit shorter. You become more aware of your mortality in a way. You wonder when it will be your turn. You ask questions like, how will my family exist without me? All sorts of creepy thoughts about life and death enter your thinking space that never used to be there.

I came across three blog posts related to the shooting that really resonated with me. One of a young, twenty-something gal who narrowly missed another public shooting in Canada and who wrote about it a few months back, only to become a victim in Colorado. The second, a miracle and glimpse of God’s work at hand in this tragedy. Finally, the post of a mom and her unwavering faith that night.

What really hit home for me, on the last post she wrote how she was completely at peace with the possibility of dying because she had faith of where she was going.

For once in my life, I feel that same peace.

I love my family fiercely. Every moment of the last few months have been taken in more sweetly and savored than they have before. I don’t know if this is just apart of being in your 30′s, with it being more about living in the moment with your family and slowing down to enjoy life instead of all the 20-something selfishness, but something triggered in me this past year. I tell Colin I love him just about every possible chance I get. I sit and play and put the phone down more. Each day my husband leaves out the door for work, and we say our goodbye’s and love you’s and we mean it. We’re actively making changes in our everyday family lives to make each day count more. I’m pretty certain my friends and family know how much I care for each of them, how special they are, and how much I appreciate having them in my lives. My work right now is so fulfilling between my clients, my new friends made in this industry, and my work through AH Inspired.

ALL of this reminds me often of a blog post and quote I shared just a year ago…


when i stand before god talent quote amber housley


I feel that than ever before. If God were take me today, tomorrow, next week, next year or decades from now…I know that I would be at peace. I gave my family, my love, and everything my ALL.

An incredible feeling friends. Thanks for allowing me to share it here with you.




kristina says:

Beautiful post, Amber.
Such a sad and tragic thing that happened in Colorado. Made me reflect a lot as well. BIG hugs, friend! :)

This is beautiful, Amber. Love you SO much and very grateful to call you my friend.

Jamie Sapp says:

Such a wonderful read. Thank you! xo

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