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Things have been a little quiet around here on the blog since my return from my whirlwind trip to New York City last month! Mostly it’s because things have been anything but quiet around here.

A fun little surprise made it’s presence known my very last day in NYC…


Amber Housley Blog Birth Announcement Sweet Little Peach

(special thanks to my amazing best friend Sara Rose for these family photos)

And just like that, our life has changed, and our little family of three is SO EXCITED to become a party of four…

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I’ve shared openly with close friends, and even at Making Things Happen, my own personal struggle with deciding when the right time was to have baby #2. It’s something I was on the fence about for almost three years now. I juggle so many things right now in my life that adding another little one was something that scared me. Something that I even thought might hold me back from opportunities or goals. Even harder was seeing so many close friends struggle with infertility and I had a combination of both guilt and fear because having Colin was so easy and now could be something I was taking for granted, or I could face the same issues myself in the future.

Along the way at Making Things Happen, I decided that my future did in fact include an addition to our family and that God wasn’t going to give me anymore than I could handle. Somehow I would find a way to make our crazy life work. I know that this little one is going to be a blessing in our lives and was something we’d start trying for later this summer or fall.

And just like that, God’s timing is always more perfect than my own.

I like to think He nodded His head that day in March and said, “I’m glad we’re on the same page now. Now, let me get back to the great plans I have for you…”

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Fast-forward to my last day in NYC when I’m feeling sort of faint in the hot sun and start complaining alongside one of my roommates how smelly an outdoor market is…a test later that afternoon confirmed something that had never even crossed my mind. What a fun souvenir to bring home to my husband!

The first trimester is now over and has been really great. I can’t really complain when I only had knowledge of this little peach for about four weeks now. That is a blessing in itself since I was definitely sick with Colin. This pregnancy is already feeling different in so many ways.

The facts right now: I’m craving lots of fresh Georgia peaches, watermelon, salads and frozen yogurt. I fall asleep at 8:30pm and I’m getting ready to purge a lot of clutter in the house. Let the nesting begin! :)

Thanks for sharing in the next chapter of our family. XO



Leika says:

Congratulations!! So happy for all of you!

Cassie says:

Congrats, Amber! So excited for you! Having two kiddos is such a blast :)

jacin says:

yippee! so happy :)

kristina says:

Yay! Congratulations sweet Amber and family! :)

Woo hoo!!!! Congrats Amber!!!! So excited for you! :)

Caryl Lyons says:

So excited for you Amber. I know this was something that was on your heart. Yes, God gives you as much as you can handle and from what I’ve seen, you will be an amazing mama to your little peach and Colin is going to be an awesome big brother. So happy for you!

Yay!! Congratulations! So happy for you! :)

Kelsey says:

AHHHHH!! BIG congrats to you three (four)!! So happy for you guys. Much love.

Couldn’t be happier for you, sweet friend!!! Such a sweet way to announce this joyous news! I’m betting this sweet peach will be a girl!!! :) xoxoxo

Ashlee Williams says:

That is so exciting! Congratulations!

Jasmine says:

Siblings are the BEST! You WILL find way, I had the same fears and now have a 7 year old and a 2 year old… couldn’t be happier :)

YESSSS! So excited for you girl. Congrats! What a fun and exciting time in your life.

Lara says:

: ) YIPPEEE!!!! God is awesome!!!

lauren says:

congratulations, amber & family! :) what an exciting time for you! enjoy it!

Katrina says:

Congratulations, Amber! I had the same fears and you are right, God will not give you more than you can handle. It is so cool to see the bond of siblings and how they interact together at even such a young age. You will do an amazing job of balancing it all.

Aimee says:

Congratulations, Amber! Sweet, sweet, sweet!!

Latrice says:

Congrats Amber, that’s such great news! God’s timing is always perfect!

Jessica says:

Beautiful announcement. Huge congrats! I too have been struggling with timing for baby #2 and fear. So appreciate hearing your thoughts on this. Hugs from another MTH alum.

Kristin Kaplan says:

Congratulations!!!! I’m so freaking happy for you!! What a wonderful blessing!

Congratulations on your sweet addition!! How exciting for you all!!

Congratulations, Amber!! I’m so excited for you and your family. Such a blessing! :)

Carolyn Lee says:

Congratulations, I have no doubt that your “party of four” will be amazing!!!

Amber Veatch says:

Amber, I’m in tears reading this! Although, tearing up doesn’t take much these days. I had the same thoughts about adding to our family. I too decided at MTH that it was time to stop worrying about all the logistics of adding to our family. And here we are. I’m so happy for you and your family.

Best wishes!

Whitney says:

Yay, little peach! Can’t wait to meet you! Love you, Amber!!!

Tamara Watts says:

Yaahhh! I’m so excited for you guys… Shoot I feel like I’m having a baby too!!! May God continue to bless your family and show favor in your life!!

Congrats, Amber! What exciting news!

I just love this story so much and my heart swells thinking we were just walking in NYC without a care in the world and a little test changed it all. I thought of you my whole train ride home and the goodness in store. So, can SHE come with us to NSS next year… it seems only right.. xoxo

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Julie W. says:

Amber, I was just checking my old email and I happened upon yours and, lo and behold, I was just wondering when you two were going to have another one and there you are! :) I just know she’ll bring joy to your lives. Now that I’m volunteering less at my daughters’ elementary (no longer on PTA Board after 6 years) it’s time for me to start scrapbooking again. Back to my mini vacations. I’m looking forward to checking in on you. Glad we met through the FoxyCroppers (seems like ions ago!) xx

Candy (Gramma) Housley says:

Awesome newsletter! You have and continue to bring so much beauty and joy to our family. So excited to welcome a new baby granddaughter. God Bless!!

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