Amber Housley

Summer So Far

A glimpse of our family’s summer so far…

In May we toured the historic Nashville neighborhood of Richland/West End and saw some lovely gardens…Colin particularly loved one that had a pond full of koi fish and lots of stepping stones…



And I fell in love with the GORGEOUS peonies that were in full bloom. “Someday…” I thought wistfully to myself….”I will grow these same peonies!” Yes folks, failed on the peony plants again this year. :(



And of course there has been lots of pool time…Colin is a FISH. Just loves the water. Swimming lessons are definitely in store for him.


And there are some days when I think my 2 year old is going on age 16….



We rounded out June by heading east to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Complete with pretty babbling creek…and snakes…lots of snakes (yikes!). Thankfully, snakes were discovered on the day we headed home…and not on the day we were enjoying rock hunting and splashing.


Have I mentioned how I love living so close to such beauty? I never imagined my life would turn out so my kids would grow up with access to such fun childhood play and experiences that you find here in the South.


Loving my rock throwing, frog catching, water splashing, full of wonder, little boy.


Here’s to the many more summer adventures ahead of us! To think we’re already half-way!



your little man is so adorable I can tell he brings you so much joy

What great photos! Oh how I wish it was summer here. Melbourne Australia is cold at the moment. I loved the look of the white building in your photo with your son walking along the stepping stones.

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