Amber Housley

Sunny Smiles

A happy little smile in the midst of a sweltering Summer here in Nashville. Summer has FLOWN by (and really, when does it not?), and already everyone is praying and hoping for Fall to be here. Most who know me well know that this is my most favorite season of all.

But for now we have another good 8 weeks or so before things cool down. I finally got around to downloading some images off the camera and this one from the 4th of July is just so cheerful and representative of his little toddler self these days. 


I've been bad about taking pictures lately. It was as if when he turned 1 that life got put on fast-forward speed and I'm always trying to catch up. Going to make more of an effort to slow down as we head into the holiday season…

What do you, readers, like to do to prep for the season to come? I've heard of people starting their holiday shopping early, some people make lists of favorite must-do activities, plan crafts ahead of time…would love your feedback.

Stay cool!


Muriel says:

I think I am pretty much finished Christmas shopping!

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