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Wow. How did I end up here?

Since we first moved to Tennessee four years ago, I decided that we as a family would find a church and go on Sundays like any proper Southerner would do. (More about my fast adoption of Southern ways on another day…);)

Years have gone by and I can think of the countless families and people I have seen dressed in their Sunday best enjoying breakfast or lunch, while we were hanging out in our jeans and sweatshirts headed to Lowe's for the next home improvement project.

It's not that we didn't try….I mean, many a church we visited, and none really felt quite right. I was sort of feeling like Goldilocks and the 3 bears…one was too hymnal and traditional, another one was too much rock band contemporary…the list went on. I figure God made many a church denomination so all of us could find our very own home, that felt just right for us personally, and I was going to find that home for us. On the top of my list of the "church for me": it needed to be in an actual church building. And it would even score bigger points if it had a steeple and maybe some historic architecture to boot.

My my, I had some high standards.

So a few months back, our good friends who have a son about a month younger than ours, mentioned they too, were looking for a church. And, they had heard that a guy they used to go to high school with was a pastor of a new church in Mt. Juliet. Maybe we could check it out together?

As I look back on how all has unfolded, I see the thread that connects everything. All of this was meant to be. 

When I had Colin, I had sort of a spiritual reawakening. I've never been a regular church go-er (as evident in my quest above). But when you give birth to this most amazing miracle of life, you can't help but think there is something bigger than all of us working here. As Pastor Jacob covered in a recent sermon, "how can you believe you were an accident?" All of this life is for purpose. Every day, every person you pass both stranger or friend, is on purpose.

Lately as I have been going through a lot of thinking on my life and business, I start to run through the "if only I had done this" or "if I hadn't done this…"…and then I actually think about the result. There are so many blessed and amazing people that are in my life that any of the things I could have done differently would have changed things dramatically. How I ended up here is on purpose. It may not be what I had originally pictured, but at least I know I am where I am for a reason.

And the new home we've found at PUMC? It meets in an elementary school gym. And we go out to lunch with friends and family after service.

And this rambling post? Was planned for you to read. ;)


You are too cute! AND I totally relate. Right after my hubby and I got married we’d planned on finding a church we both believe in and could call home (funny b/c I grew up Mormon, my hubby grew up Orthodox AND went to Catholic school! Ha ha). We tried a few here and there, and FINALLY 1 1/2 yrs later we have started “church shopping” again and have found our HOME! It’s perfect, we both love it and we met in the middle where we belong (Christian). Anywho super excited for you!
ALSO you have a lil’ something awaiting you on my last post!

Parthenia says:

L-O-V-E this post! I really enjoy posts like this that allow the reader and fan to see other sides of the professionals that we admire. In addition, there is nothing like a great church home and I am delighted for you! Thanks for sharing.

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